Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unwelcome Guests, etc.

I still cannot use windows live writer for GGB.
It's still in bamacatlover's name. Maybe I'll
figure it out. I don't blog there anymore and
I plan to copy to blogspot. I believe rain is
headed our way. Some close by got it yester-
day. A service station got a lot of damage
from wind, no tornado reported, odd weather.
I have my webcam in the window watching the
sky. The clouds were darkening, but now I see
blue, sure thought we'd get oh well.
Bettye and I are planning on our usual steak
dinner out, weather
I'm real short on minutes, so I'll see if I can
upgrade my plan, shoulda done it in the first
place, instead of 500 minutes. I always ask
where they are and how their weather is.
As you see in the photo, I have a wasp nest on
my back light and they paid no attention when I
eased the door open and snapped, sure glad.
Blessings Always

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