Friday, February 25, 2011

Credit Card Update Greed ...Rant

I got my rewards cards, thank goodness for that. S**** has supposedly
made out my refund for $26.20. But they just owe me $16.20 from a refund
at Walmart last month.

This $10 is a refund on a late fee that I did not owe and never paid. As told me
by a Rep that they put it on my bill that I paid on the due date at K****, as I always
did. Now the payment goes straight through and I get my check back and a receipt.
Their automated service is finally up to date.

I got a bill in my box today for the last bill I paid, plus late fees and finance charges,
due the usual date. With my dander up, I nicely talked to John and he told me that
my account was Zero. He said they make up the bill on the day after the due date.
He told me again that I would receive a check for the said late fee plus my refund
amount. And I said to him, ' And they will send me a bill for $10 because all they
owe me is $16.20.' I told him that when I get the check, then I will close the Card
out. And I will request a statement that I closed the account. My credit is excellent.

This bill has the stupid deferred amount that I paid in full last month that they tried
to collect more on. As I've said before, do they think they can put the screws to
us Seniors and succeed? I have to wonder if their greed is closing some of their

Everyone, try to have a stress free day on this cold day and be Blessed.


  1. Mercy!! What a mess that sounds like. Good for you, not letting them get over on you. Some of us seniors are not so dumb as they think we may be, huh? You keep them straight and I hope no one messes with you like that again.

    Stay safe and warm and you be blessed also. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Kassey

  2. I hope it all works out, and good for you for not putting up with that type of behavior! Have a nice calm weekend!!!

  3. Good on you that you had fix up the messses
    I hate that type of dishonestly things.
    All banks & big shops are cheat in so many ways.
    They do Don't they?
    I bet you would watch out for everything:-)
    Have a peaceful time!!

  4. Boy, so far I have escaped that sort of thing. I did transpose a number 1 with a number 2 and underpaid my C**** card by 11 dollars which they rolled over onto the revolving charge thing with interest. I understand that because at 4 in the morning my eyes didn't catch the mistake. BUT when I called, I asked would they consider taking the charge away and they did. BUT that is NOT what you had to go thru You really have gone thru the mill! I hope to pity sakes it's remedied now. We will soon see. Keep us posted.

  5. Ugh. Sorry you had to go through all that! I hope it's all resolved. Thanks for visiting us.

    Kassey is a pretty girl!

  6. Good grief! The things they do really don't make sense.

  7. Times like that I guess it's a good thing you can't reach out and touch someone literally! What a fiasco!

  8. Me again! This time to nominate you for a Stylish Blogger Award.

  9. No wonder the rich get richer and the poor get poorer , but good for you standing up to them and getting your dues, thieving rogues!

  10. Oh no, this kind of things are really stressful! But we don't want these credit card companies to take advantage of us! Long time ago my bank charged me a small amount of monthly fee which I was not supposed to pay. I fought and they took that charge away. It is really not the matter of amount but the fact that they try to trick us.
    I hope everything will clear up. Hope you will have a great week.

  11. Gr Gran, thanks for visiting my site, and awarding me an award, but I don't know how to collect it??help.


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