Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunny, Cold Wednesday

I plan to shop today, looking for steps for my girl.
The wind chill is in the teens, so even with the sun
out, I'll have to wait for some warm up.

I wonder how the weather reporters stand those low
wind chills that can cause frostbite. And I see folks
on camera walking with a bare face, those they interview.

I feel for you folks up North in the awful snow and ice.
I hope you all are keeping warm and your power is on.
Andy said his Dad and Step-mom are stranded in Indiana
in their 18 wheeler. Andy keeps them informed on the
weather. They had a problem with ice on the windshield.
And I hope they'll be safe as they head West. How is that
for short choppy sentences?lol I don't want to take time to
do it right. Those steps are waiting, I hope with Kassey's
name on them.

Be Blessed, warm and Safe.


  1. Burrrrr....hope you stay warm on your expedition out today!

  2. We are thinking exactly alike today, GG. I'm running late this morning because the darn county trucks are in front of my house digging up the street again. Eventually my house is going to fall into those darn holes (just kidding I hope).
    Anyway, I am going out for the same thing today--steps for Sam since his hips give him problems. Great minds do think alike, right?

  3. It's 25 below zero here with a howling wind...I absolutely hate when it does that. This is the sum total we got of the storm that everyone else is being hammered with. We had a slight bit of snow and then this brutal cold that they say will break today...I sure hope so. I never thought I'd see the day that the East gets it worse than us here but it's now truly happened!

  4. Too cold to shop I say. Lay ah board for ah ramp. Ya well that's me. I'm stayin in for the rest of the week! I'll bake and eat and be happy. Be safe.

  5. That is a good idea, Toodie, if I had one. Stick it under the bed when not in use.Fantastic idea.

  6. Our mom is finally able to get past the trucks in the road and is going to find our steps! --- well, "Sam's" steps that is, but I don't think he'll mind if I try them out, too :)

  7. Wishing you the best of luck in finding just the right steps for sweet Kassey.

  8. Hi GG, We had flurries this morning --after the front came through during the night... BUT--we are lucky compared to many north of us. But--the cold weather is back, so our Spring Tease is over...

    Talked to my son in Texas this morning and it is colder down there than it is here. They are supposed to get snow this weekend--which is rare for Galveston, TX

    Stay WARM down there in Alabama.

  9. Good luck finding the steps for Kassey!

  10. We're having snow right now...hope it doesn't amount to much...ready for spring...

  11. don't worry about the weather forecasters...that's why they make the big bucks! :)

  12. Hope all over the world weather setting done in normal way.
    You would have little problem to find Kassey steps? because you can't buy the human's one though too much for her to put her feet up?

  13. Kassey said not to mind if she doesn't immediately use them. She will, Just leave them out. My cat took several weeks before that first tentative paw on the first step. Now, they are her favorite thing.



Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.