Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Night Whiffies and Misbehaving.........Kassey

It warmed up a lot so Mom opened some windows. I guess she got warmed up re-arranging our
bedroom. After dark, it began to cool off a lot and she said it was too cold to have the windows open.
I wasn't cold, besides I had to clean the screen. She went to bed early and I wanted to eat first as always.
I got on the thingy that the TV is on cuz she refused to go to the food room with me. Then she locked me
out cuz I wasn't  being good..
I hope everyone's having cool weather.


  1. Oh, Kassey, I am sorry mommy locked you out.
    It is nice and cool here, 39 degrees to be exact. I like your weather better.

  2. Oh Kassey we are so sorry your mom was mean to you and shut you out. It is not hot here and we would like to be snuggled up soon.

  3. Hi Kassey,
    It is nice that the weather is nice there. It is still cold here and we has lots of snow. Our bedroom windwo was open a crack and Daddy put his water there to keep it cold and it froze!
    Love Nellie

  4. Oh, Kassey we are sorry your mommy thought you were not being good and locked you out. Sure glad you got to enjoy the open window for awhile though. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Kassey, how nice for you to get whiffies!
    We hope you bumped and thumped on the door all night...we would have, because we are Bad Cats!

  6. Locked out?!? My goodness I wonder if this will inspire a kitty mutiny!

  7. Kassey, Human has no fur !!! that's why.
    You might have to give her a cuddle : )

  8. Kassey, I am glad you got window whiffies. I have too! But mom's don't like us to got on the TV thingy...remember that for next time. ♥♥♥

  9. Oh dear, locked out! How sad. Maybe she was very tired so not really feeling her nice self.

  10. I sometimes get put in another room if I am misbehaving too. You didn't get locked outside right? Just in another room I think.
    Messing with the TV isn't a good idea, it guarantees a "time out"
    I love this photo. You look as if you are contemplating the wonders of the universe

  11. It doesn't matter Kassey that you would enjoy being have fresh air:-)
    Tomorrow is another day....

  12. Naughty Kassey but you know mum is doing whats best she loves you really. xx

  13. Weird weather. Friday I drove with the top down. Yesterday it was gusting up to 55/60 mph. Today it's freezing outside.

  14. Oh no, Kassey! You were locked out? Did your mom let you in soon? A while ago Niko was locked in a room as the wind closed the door. He meowed and meowed to let us know that he was locked in. I wonder how you reacted, did you scratch and kick the door? :-)
    It is cool and nice here too. Let's hope the spring is coming soon.

  15. Hi Kassey
    Thank you for stopping by to say hi to me today.
    I love meeting new friends. You look very cute sitting in the window.
    Happy Monday,

  16. I love an open window -- the smells of outside are just the best!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.