Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worried Wednesday

It's so difficult not to worry especially when our children are having
health issues. It's Andy again who needs prayer. He has been diag-
nosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I never knew anything about this and
still know little about it. His body is holding onto the sugar and won't
release it, not even through the kidneys. He hasn't been well for some
time now and mostly just laying around the house.

Tomorrow, Thursday, he will have the test which scares me. I don't
understand the reasoning behind it. He will drink about 4 ounces of
glucose and it could result in coma or death.

He has no appetite and had not eaten all day the afternoon he had
blood work for this. His Glucose 136 (normal 70-100)
His Insulin was 26.5 (normal 2.9 - 10.1)
       C-Peptide 5.5   (normal  0.8-3.1)
       AST ( SGOT )   13  ( normal  0.8-  3.1

I hope someone can enlighten me on this disease. He told me that his
Dad has this as well so I wonder if it's hereditary. My first thought was
that one of his medications is too blame.
I will post as I know the results of this test.

I sure need the sunshine today, don't we all. I hope you all have sunshine
today and most Blessed.


  1. There is diabetes in my family/history. Yes it is hereditary but first read this;
    Put your worries to rest as they will monitor the testing and treat as needed. Get educated as that's the best thing to do about diabetes....hugs

  2. GG, I am working on taxes again but saw what you'd written, so dropped my work to come over here. Toodie is right. Do NOT worry about the testing. Andy will be monitored every second. If he should react adversely, the docs will fix it immediately. He will be in no danger. Thank goodness that diabetes can be controlled these days. Once they find the right regime for him, he'll do ok, he just needs to be viligent. Still, GG, I know you are worried and I am sending you big hugs from me (and lucy and sam, too) and will hold you and Andy in my thoughts and prayers. Update us when you can. We're all here for you. XOXOXO

  3. We are sending up prayers for Andy. I know several people with diabetes and they are doing well. It can be controlled and the doctor will know just what to do for Andy. Hugs

  4. Andy will be carefully monitored during the test. Type 2 can be controlled well by meds.
    Prayers for Andy and for you.

  5. I'm really no expert on any type of diabetes however I do realize that it's very serious and pray that the tests will reveal something. I join the others praying over this situation. Bless you my friend.

  6. Prayers for you and Andy, Ann and try not to be too afraid, for as Beth and Toodie said, he will be closely monitored. Easier said than're a mom. ((((HUGS)))) and lots of them.

  7. My Hubby is type II and after the initial flurry of getting him regulated is doing fine. Andy will feel so much better with proper medication...and he needs to exercise, that helps most of all.
    I will pray for Andy and his test tomorrow.

  8. There is diabetes in my family as well, my brother, sister and my Father had it.
    I don't know the reasoning behind the testing but I do know what others have said that it can be managed and following the diabetic diet is hugely important.
    Praying for Andy as well and as long as he follows what the doctor says he should be able to manage it. ((((hugs))))

  9. As others have said, Andy will be monitored during the test. As a mother I understand your concerns...we always 'worry' about our children no matter how old. I will be praying for Andy. And that you have peace in this.

  10. Purrs for Andy and for you too.

    It's not easy but it is treatable and of course they will monitor him closely. They should be able to provide you with lots of education too, once they make a confirmed diagnosis.

  11. I purrs purrs for Andy !!!!
    Positive First ! ...My dad's dad has diabetes plus stroke..But because he always fight ! and always have positive thought even last year he was in the hospital 3 times. But now he is ok.
    But My dad told me he has to be careful about food ! Especially limit of sweet and do exercise but do not overdo.

    Please take care

  12. Oh dear, poor Andy. my Mommy's Daddy and her sister both have type II and both went through the tests. After Mommy's Daddy lost 30 pounds he did not have to take the medicine anymore.
    Me is purring for Andy and sending yous kitty kisses and head butts. Yous needs them

  13. I admit I know nothing about diabetes, except that it CAN be serious, but controllable, Perhaps by Googling it you can learn a bit more,m but it looks like Jenny D has given you some good advice, all I can do is wish Andy well and the strength to cope, keep of strong heart yourself as it's you who will be taking the load of the worry I'll bet.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.