Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordy Wednesday......Kassey

It's pest spray day again and Mom told me to be on watch....I don't think so, Mom
For those who worried that Mom put me outside. No she put me outside the bedroom.
And I protested loudly. She ignored me.She never lets me outside even when I beg. She
keeps telling me that if I let her put my harness on, then we'll go out. My bird TV is showing
more bird channels now, making me happy.
I've been sleeping with Mom part time and she put my fud and water tray in the bedroom.
It pleases her to hear me 'crunch' like she tells me. She tells me 'good girl'. During the day time
she moves it to the fud room.
No sun puddle here. I hope all you furriends have sun puddles and most Blessed.


  1. Kassey we don't have any sun puddles today but we have lots and lots of rain puddles!! We have been promised sun puddles tomorrow but we aren't holding our breaths!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh, sweet Kassey it is for your own good and safety that your mom won't let you outside without your harness. We want you safe too. We have no sun puddles here today either. Keep enjoying your bird TV. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Kassey, dear, mom is protecting you from the nasty chemicals.
    Enjoy the sun, we don't have any here today.

  4. Kassey,m come stay wif me today. I have LOTS of sun puddles for us BOTH. xoxox

  5. Don't have any sun puddles here Kassey a bit short on the ground. Keep safe mum known's best. Hugs xx

  6. I really don't think I care to go back outside, ya know you really are much safer inside sweetie!

  7. Got lots of mud puddles here Kassey, I don't think you'd like them much, tango doesn't mind too much cos as long as he gets out he just puts up with it, he knows Mum will rub him all dry and clean then a nice biscuit.
    You just stay indoors where it's nice and clean and dry.

  8. Kassey, Come out of the blanky !!!
    I have some news to tell you !
    Do you know you been nominated for AWESOME BLOG AWARD, Please stop by my blog to grab the badge
    Have a great day !!!

  9. No sun here today either, dats why we all napped da day away.

  10. Hi, Kassey. It was sunny and very nice here in Georgia. Bird TV is showing more channels! It's fun! I think there will be more when spring arrives :-) I will go get bird food this weekend to feed our bird TV :-)

  11. Kassey, under the blankie is an excellent place to be as far as I'z concerned especially if there is not much sun, not many birdies and it is nippy outside.

  12. Right now a sun puddle sounds like sheer heaven!

  13. Dear Kassey,
    Me is sure it is best for yous! Me is hoping wes gets sun puddles today. Me is sick of the cold and snow outside.
    Love Nellie

  14. Hi! It's nice to meet you both. - Toby & Leia

  15. I hope you find a sunbeam to lay in this weekend! :)
    xo Catherine


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.