Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update With Thanksgiving

Hello, Everyone. I just want to thank you for your prayers, they meant so much.
And I felt so at ease after reading everyone's comforting comments.
Andy did fine in the testing. He had to drink 10 ounces instead of four,
and he said it wasn't bad.. The last finger stick , it was down to 90. He wasn't given a
prescription or monitor yet. And he'll have to find another DR. coz this one is closing his
practice. So we're hoping he can find one here or someone close by that takes Medi-
care patients. There was a patient in the office from Florence, so now I'm wondering
and doubting if there is one here. Florence is a bigger  town than ours so I was surprised
that the lady had to come to Decatur for her Diabetes, maybe because he is a specialist
for Diabetes and Lipids. I don't know Andy's numbers but they aren't good and his cho-
lesterol Meds were changed.
When we got home, Kassey had left a little puddle of puke on the couch. Thank good-
ness I cover it with a sheet, doesn't look good but the furniture is protected. She is now on
her pillow by the window with no sunpuddle.

It's partly cloudy and breezy and about 71. I wish you all sunny skies and warm weather.
Thanks again for your prayers and may you all be blessed.


  1. Prayers will continue from here for all of you. Thank you so much for the update. Praying you do not have a problem finding another doctor (a good one) and that the doctor will not be a long way from your home. Hugs and nose kisses from all of us.

  2. I was just going to come and visit you Gr Gran, I have been a bit remiss on doing blogwalks lately and have been trying to catch up, in between blogging silly stuff that comes into my head. daytime I've been painting.
    I must catch up with your previous blog to this. to see what's amiss.
    Thanks for visiting and yes the woman definately had a few issues with her head. LOL

  3. I am grateful to learn that all is going well for your boy insofar as his meds right now and his testing. Tell him to ask his Dr. that he just went to for a referral.

    Kassey said something didn't agree with her. She said she was sorry. Admiral got an email from her. xoxox

  4. I agree with what Ramblington said about asking his doctor for a referral. Excellent idea. Glad all went well, still praying!

  5. I'm glad all is going ok with Andy! Purrs to Kassey as well!

  6. Me and mom feel release everything went well for Andy and I still keep purring for him !!!

  7. I am so glad the test went well.
    I hope you are feeling better Kassey.

  8. Cathing up great gran I am sorry to hear this poor Andy. He is in my prayers, glad to hear everthing went well for him. Also I hope little Kassey is feeling better today. Hugs Sheilaxx

  9. I am sorry to hear that Andy is ill. I hope that he is able to find a good doctor that can help him get his diabetes under control. I don't pretend to know anything about it, but the little I do know is that many times it can be controlled. I'll have the girls set their purrs on high for him and for you as well.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.