Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cold Gray Saturday, etc

Kassey woke me about 5:00 . I finally got up about 5:30 and it
was snowing and windy. I saw one lonesome dove looking for
food in neighbor's front yard. So, in my house dress and house
slippers, I spread some seeds in front of Kassey's TV. It's too
close really, even where the sidewalk is. So, later I'll do it over
and put some out away from her TV. I made a very quick trip
outside at 34 F and still is. And Kassey headed to her pillow
for a nap.

I removed the ironing board and placed organizers at each end
of the bed. She still chose to sleep in her room last night, finicky
cat. Oh well, I guess this PC room/bedroom is too cluttered so
I'll think about that later. Maybe she doesn't like the new arrange-
ment. But it never stays the same for long anyhow.

I'm happy to say that she does like her drinking fountain and her
new feather thingy. She hasn't slept in her cube lately though, just
sniffs it.
One little tidbit. The grass is still brown, not white this time. Y'all
have a blessed Weekend and stay warm or cool wherever you are.

Ps.  I found a weekly planner 2005 and it matches perfectly to 2011.


  1. GREAT news about the water fountain! We were thinking about asking Mom for one and there's even an outlet in the right spot, but we wanted to see how you liked yours first 'cause you're as picky as we are.
    Mom just said, "Who would have thought a 2005 planner would have been a perfect match for 2011!? That is soooo terrific. Wonder if I have an old one around." Of course, we don't know what a planner is. Who plans?

  2. I'm such a packrat that when I start prowling, it's like Christmas coz I haven't seen it in so long.

  3. You were sweet to put out seed for the birds. Glad Kassey is liking the water fountain. Maybe soon you will find a solution for steps for her. Hope you and Kassey have a funtastic weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Yblog space looks just like the weather Gr Gran, was that deliberate, ? it makes me want to crawl into a warm snuggly hole and hibernate, tell you what, if Kassey doesn't use that cube, it might be just the ticket for me. so come on gal, make up your mind on it.
    You can keep your water fountain though, I see you've deigned to use it, starting to please mum at last.
    Keep warm. both XX

  5. Did you used to try drop the mousies in your drinking fountain, Kassey ?
    Try it ! It more fun while drinking : )

  6. Fresh Bird-TV is always the best. I agree with you Kassey, fountain drinks are so good!!!

  7. I am still scared of my drinking fountain, Kassey. Also, mommy doesn't have a good place to plug it in that would be where I need it to be. She's need an extension cord.

    Ask mommy to get you a peacock feather that she can wave at you and a little wand with a dangling feather and beads. The Dollar Store has those. ♥♥

  8. I need to catch up. I missed the blog on the planners. For someone who is usually organized, I'm feeling out of sorts these days. Maybe I have what Kassey has.

  9. Kassey why arn't you sleeping in your cosy cube send it here. But you have indeed a mind of your own , hope the sun shines for you both today xaSheilaxx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.