Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe New Discoveries About Kassey

I think I've been wrong about Kassey when she misbehaves in
the night or AM.
It may be a chore for her to jump up to the bed. Sometimes
when she messes with the blinds, I tell her to 'come and get
on the bed and sleep with Mommy, OK?' I tell her I'm not
ready to get up yet, so come on and jump up here with
Mommy. Or I wonder if sometimes she needs to be invited.
She has been sleeping with me when I encourage her to.
At bedtime usually, she'll go toward her room and I ask her
if she wants to sleep with Mommy and she will.
I've been thinking too that she might need steps and I plan
to check on those the next time I go out. Until then I will
place these plastic organizers close to the bed.
I guess I'm still in training.


  1. Sam & I think you may have stumbled upon some good information from Kassey. It DOES sound like she's waiting for the invitation and might even like it that way. Sam's like that, but I just plow on through to whatever I want and if I don't get it, you will know it. If Kassey starts using the organizers to get onto the bed, then that's a good hint, too. GG, you are doing really well. The 2 of us AND our mom send you mega licks. XOXOXO

  2. Cats mask things so well that it makes them incredibly hard to read. I bought a set of pet stairs years ago for my arthritic boy and they have been used by every cat, young and old, ever since. They're at the foot of my bed, and I swear the cats use the steps at least 50% of the time instead of using their energy to jump!

  3. We kitties like to know that we're wanted...and stairs ARE nice, too! We have stairs for Miss KonaKitty who has stiff bones and she loves them.

  4. Sister Gracie had that problem and we got her steps...but we all use them!

  5. That's a good idea Mum easy for her?
    all we need to comfort living ourselves.

  6. stairs are very nice and not expensive at all. I have seen them at Walgreen's for under $20....might be just the ticket.

  7. I came back without the likes of Lucy and Sam to see what everyone said and yes, it sounds like steps are the way to go. I'm going to look into those myself -- well, not for me, but for the 2 devils.

  8. stairs sound like a good choice. and, yes, i always tell the kitties when it is time to join me for sleep- they like to be invited, although half the time my cats invite me : ) cuz they are getting the covers all warmed up.

    as others have said though, stairs are not expensive and it might help. or for now even, putting a low sitting chair up next to the bed as a platform to get to the bed might help.

  9. Kassey, My mom and dad not encourage me to sleep with them, they just pick me up and do dead locked, I can't move so I have to stay sleep with them. : )

  10. I gave the Admiral stairs (under 20 dollars) several years ago and she LOVES them PLUS she sits on them next to me. I am thinking of getting another set for her. Our kitties, yours and mine, are senior girls and they need the steps.
    Kassie playing with the blinds is just that..playing. Maybe a little feather wand for her too, and maybe some new toys? ♥♥♥

  11. I think the steps are a very good idea.

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  12. This may be a step in the right direction...argh, I know that's a bad joke but what can I say?

  13. How sweet and some say cats and dogs don't understand what we say, I guess Kassey joined the crowd in saying that is not true. Thanks, for following our blog, we are now following yours as well. Hugs and nose kisses from all of us.

  14. Steps are great, all of us felines have loved them and always use them especially by a higher bed. And I think that it is great that you encourage and invite Kassey because I know I play hard to get sometimes and it helps when my Human "invites" me.

  15. I'm thinking of getting steps for Tango, OK OK I know this is a cat blog, but he's a pussy cat in disguise, back to the steps, he's finding it hard to get into the car, and I have to help him in, but, he wouldn't need steps if I had to invite him into my bed, oh no, he'd be up there like a scalded cat ooops sorry.

  16. Sometimes it takes us humans a long time to get trained properly.
    Have a good night and a great Wednesday.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.