Monday, November 29, 2010

Blustery, Cold, Cloudy 57degrees,etc. So

I made the trek to the dump and the mailbox for Saturday's mail.
As I sit by the window watching the goings and comings, I see the
mail person has arrived again. So back out in the cold, blustery air
for me or maybe not. What's another day to wait for junk mail. Al-
though I'll  probably have my usual Sears bill. And I'm planning not
using it for Christmas unless I have to order online. I did have to buy
online for my new webcam, even though Walmart had them in the
store, about $20 more. How crazy is that and they won't let you
have the online price in the store.

Have y'all noticed how they try to help you with your labels? I'm glad
I was paying attention this time. As I was adding my labels for Cold,
up popped 'COLD TOESES' from a Kassey blog. It did manage to
be in the label box , but I removed it. To those unfamiliar, it would
have looked odd to add a label unrelated to this blog. So if you see a
label out of place, ain't my fault, (South) just an oversight.

I haven't made it to the kitchen yet, except to get some chocolate
covered peanuts. I do have to put on some chicken breasts, maybe
soup is in order today. Gotta get cracking and do some work in the
kitchen and I bet my girl will arise from her nap.
Stay warm or cool wherever you are. You all are such a treasure.
Kassey and I thank you all for being in our blog family.


  1. Did Kassey help? Is it soup today after all? I am going to make a small amount of spaghetti I think. I don't think Miss Catt will want any of THAT! :-)

  2. Did you have to mention chocolate coved peanuts?? Now I want some!

  3. Good thing I'm not there. You wouldn't have even ONE chocolate covered peanut left, lol. Ohhhh, those are SO addicting and good.
    I made so many tons of turkey soup that I've now either given it away or frozen the rest. Sort of sick of turkey right now, and Carole's idea of spaghetti sounds divine.
    Lol, loved the Cold Toeses, hahahaha. And I ck'd my mailbox about an hour ago and it was so jammed with fliers that I thought I'd never get the stuff out. I wonder if all those stores really think we don't know they sell things, and then, how many trees are giving their lives for Christmas now? Uh oh, rant coming on. I'll quit while I'm ahead.
    Just so you know, GG, I'm pleased as punch to be part of your blog family. Yes indeed :D xoxoxo

  4. It's freezing dang cold here too. Thank goodness it's bright and sunny!

    I think I may have to go get some chocolate now!

  5. Kassey got hers first and now she's sacking out on the shirt I slept in last night.

  6. It's too darn cold here in South Carolina too! Have a warm week my friends!!!

  7. Hi GG, Thanks for visiting me. I hope you come back often. Here in TN, it is now raining (started about 5 p.m.).... We had high winds all day long --and even though the temps were in the 50's, it felt much colder....

    We are still enjoying left-overs from Thursday. I enjoy left-overs as much as I do the meal itself.

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Come back to my blog anytime.

  8. My daughter(that just had surgery) lives in northern AL ,too. It was so pretty up there on the week of the 8th and week of the 16th. I guess all the blustery wind blew off a lot of the lovely foliage.(Wish I could have met you and Kassey while there.Maybe next year!)

  9. I suddenly crave chocolate covered peanuts. I can almost taste them and my mouth is watering.
    Soup sounds good, so does the chicken. I'm thinking some homemade chicken soup might be in order for tomorrow's evening meal with some fresh homemade bread. (I have a new toy.....a breadmaker!) :)

    You and Kassey stay nice and toasty warm.

    ps: I'm happy to say it's warmed up here and the snow has melted, bliss! lol

  10. Chocolate covered peanuts?! wow, they are yummy, but soooooooo fattening, it's just so unfair that the best food is.

  11. Your right about the junk mail I get loads of the stuff come snow or shine. Chocolate covered peanuts my favourite little snack. Heading off to the kitchen sounds like a warm place to be right now. Hugs to you and Kasseyx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.