Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dead Battery Again, Pesty Neighbor Rant

I had a map light on that I never use. This button is next
to the sun roof button and as I seldom go, I don't know
when I did this or how long it takes to drain a battery.
This was Nov. 14 and I needed to go to Kmart to pay
my Sears Bill. It's convenient and I dislike depending on
the mail. I called Andy and he offered to come and jump
it off.
First our cars weren't placed right for battery hookup
Andy then unhooked his battery to make it more accesi-
able. This Honda screamed so we finally gave up as it
continued after I pressed the panic button. Andy took me
to Kmart as the payment has to be posted by 5:00 PM
on the due date.

Pesty neighbor started calling and leaving voicemails adding
to the 24 I already have. This was when Andy was here.
After we got back, I called the tow service and of course,
he was an old geezer like  It took him a lot longer
but finally the car shut up.

Now for the pesty neighbor, y'all know who. I have been
avoiding her as she is the over-bearing type. I find it best
not to talk to her and explain anything. Therefore, I do not
answer her calls, been there done that.

While the wrecker man was here, she kept interfering, ask-
ing me if I needed help.( her car was here 'til Monday). I
kept telling her, 'NO, I don't need any help. She insisted
like it was the first time she asked. I told her to leave me
alone. She kept telling me to please call her.  And after the
car was cranked, I went to the house to lock up before going
to Walmart, she continued. I told her, I was going to Walmart.
She said, 'Come in and we'll go later'. I said emphatically,'NO,
I'm going now. And on the way, she started the calling and VM
again. The last time I talked to her on the phone, she told me that
she didn't want me to feel responsible for her. I told her 'I don't'.
This was reverse psychology that failed for her.
I guess I've complained enough and I hope she got the message
loud and clear.


  1. She sounds very passive-agressive. You should give her a wide berth.

  2. Those dead battery things are awful! Hopefully the neighbor will get the message!

  3. Your neighbor sounds like a real pain in the wazoo. I hope you get your car sorted out.

  4. Car trouble is no fun, hope you get it sorted soon.
    As for your neighbour, she sounds awful. It sounds like she has some mental issues, her behaviour isn't normal at all, is it?
    Can you block her calls? I've gone ahead and blocked calls before, they get the hint then. If she keeps trying to contact you in person after that, I guess you're going to have to be right in her face and tell her to leave you alone. Sometimes, people force us to come right out and say it because they just 'don't get it'.
    Hope you can get that sorted too.

  5. I'm not the mechanical type at all and do for sure know what it's like to have someone overbearing try to "help" me...yuck! Life would be so much easier of people like that minded their own business...then again life would be a lot easier if cars never broke down either!

  6. As if you didn't have enough problems with the car without having someone poking their nose in, but she sounds like she's lonely and it has become a problem for her, it can be difficult to shake that type of person off, as they don't see their behaviour as being odd or irritating, I hope she just might get the message

  7. That type of person can be difficult to get rid of unless you are exceedingly firm every time you have to deal with her and do block all calls.

  8. The dead battery in your car's is enough for you to upset you plus unwanted your nighbor what a pain in the neck.
    Hope everything works for you.

  9. oh what a pesky neighbour you could do without that,what with the car battery. Get her calls blocked if you can , stay strong.
    Hugs Sheila hope the car is better today. x

  10. Ha Ha sorry to laugh but what a crap day you had, and i suppose the best way round it to keep your blood pressure down is to laugh
    I agree with Arlene i think your neighbor is lonely, and i really don't know what you can do about it does she have other friends ?
    Hope you have a good weekend

  11. She claims to have other friends, but nobody visits and seldom do her children visit. They are supposed to be coming Thanksgiving. She used to live in another State(TN) close to one son and then moved closer to her youngest son (AL), then moved here, don't know why.


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