Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looks Stormy, Quite Breezy, etc.

I've been watching the dark clouds move around and
they look unfriendly. It has rained some, but just
our usual little bit.. Low and behold those dark clouds
turned loose and it's raining again as I type.

My petunias sure can use it and I'm surprised  they are
still alive. The little succulent  is still green and
and I still  haven't a clue what it is. I'd like to get an Aloe Vera
plant for inside, but I don't know if it would be safe for
Kassey. Maybe someone can tell me
I'm wondering who'll leave DWTS tonight and I sure hope
the weather behaves so I can watch it.
Kassey has been good today until now. I do need to get off
and warm up some pintos. She maybe hungry too and requires my


  1. Chance of snow flurries for us tomorrow night. That is more than enough. Once we see the first snow seems like we don't see bare ground until spring.
    Pinto beans sound good, corn bread??

  2. I had Pizza earlier today, so I'll not make cornbread for the Pintos.

  3. Oh, gosh, my mom makes the best pot of beans ever. I'm hungry now!! I love the rain and the dark gray days. And neither one of the girls seem to be bothered at all by storms, so that's even better!

  4. mmmmm, Beans. Great for me, maybe not so much for the Cats, later on--LOL!

  5. I don't like the winter's time,if I can avoid that would be nice:-)
    Enjoy watch the DWTS tonight..
    Yours time is one days behind, in here 17th-NOV.

  6. It is raining here today so we are getting busy catching up on our sleeps!! We hope you get some sunshine tomorrow.

  7. Aloe Vera plant ......Not sure if you can grow this inside you could try and i would say as long as you put it where kassey can't get to it it should be fine they need a lot of water they are a succulent, but they are better in the garden as they grow very big, they can be used for lots of things specially if you have a bit in the summer, just cut a leaf place on a dish in the fridge, and rub the gel on a bite or sting or itch, we have a lot growing here and i have about 3 in my garden, will take photos later

    I have to ask what is DWTS?

    Love for now xxx

  8. Its rained a lot here sw Eng, but the sun is out now goody. I just love Petunias . Hope the snow stays away a while yet.
    Sheila x

  9. PINTO beans! My mom's favorite with boiled potatoes too.

    Mommy said she is NOT pleased with Brandy being eliminated last night.

  10. We stand at 19 degrees and it's mostly leafless and brown outside now. I think that winter has arrived early with this latest front. I hope that the winter isn't as brutal as it was last year. I frankly never watch DWTS...just not my bag at all but so many are into that. Have a great day!

  11. We had rain, too...along with wind that blew some chairs over that were sitting on the deck.
    Aloe Vera grows fine inside. I've had one for several years. Wish I could share with you as mine is needing divided...they put out 'babies'. It should be fine for Kassey...my cats don't bother mine. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt them if they did.

  12. I heard that Aloe Vera plant can be harmful to cats...I think...it may be safer not to grow inside the house.

  13. Well, it's been pretty darn cool in the south but our rain has moved on! Y'all keep warm and dry!!!
    Join the Moosie Mission


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.