Friday, November 19, 2010

She Did It Again........Kassey

Mom went to Andy’s again and she saw 3 new puppies. Now I might
have liked seeing those babies. So maybe he will bring one by some-
time like he did his new baby kitten. Of course, I wasn’t impressed.
I’m a loner and I rule here. However, I do enjoy company for awhile.
I checked her clothes when she got home and there it was , the doggie
smell. Now this is getting to be a habit. But she tells me ‘I’m still yours.’
We’ll try to get some photos  here  of yours  truly rubbing my smell on
her clothes. Unable to post another one......Kassey


  1. Looks like you're giving it a good whiff test to me!

  2. Gotta get your Mom's clothes properly Cat-stinkified!

  3. A right proper marking of territory there, you make your mark Kassey.

  4. Way to go kassey! Show mom who is boss.

  5. Kassey, I scent up Mom's clothes TOO!

  6. My goodness, another dog incident? What is this world coming to?

  7. LOL poor Kassey fancy treating a cat like that, so much love from mum to.

  8. Try to remember that dogs are inferior and we should show them pity. (But only until they start to annoy us.)

  9. Oh are you jealous again? Your mom is telling you the truth, she is yours! But the picture of your back trying to rub your smell on mom's clothes is just so funny and cute:-) You've got to make these puppies jealous!

  10. Ha ha i hear ....NOSE OUT OF JOINT
    Lovely ....Now come on you know you are the one and only


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.