Friday, November 5, 2010

Rant Friday, Got It Figured Out

Friday November 5, 2010

How can we ever know when someone is a real friend?

When someone wants to be my friend, they turn out to

be opportunists. Sadly I discovered recently a new friend

seems to be just that. When she turns in her car after her

lease is up, she can't buy it as she says her income isn't

enough. Now she has been paying a huge lease payment

every month without missing a payment. I'm sure she knew

this when we became 'friends'. Her daughter even asked her

why 'don't y'all move in together'. Well, of course, this would

be very convenient as it would lift any burden from their re-

sponsibilities as children. We are neighbors which makes it

real convenient for her to use me. What really irritates is that

she never calls me by name . She calls me these pet names,

names that I would call my pet. OH I know we're not even

supposed to call our pets anything besides their name.

Well, I think it's a conning thing, trying to prove affection for

a 'friend', when it's not real.I've always had red flags up

looking at possible takers.

This feels so good to vent and I've got to shake

her loose. Oh another thing, her table manners are appalling.

Recently, we went out to eat and shared a bowl of hushpuppies
served with catfish and fries and slaw.

And she had the nerve to start touching them as if they were hers,
not even putting them on her plate.

This is very rude and I would never do this. It's just bad manners.
These are only a few examples of why I am bowing out.

Needless to say, I'm fed up...period...


  1. Argh. Been there too. Nowadays the only fursons able to push me around are the Cats!
    Hang in there and be firm...I'll say a prayer for you.
    MomKat Trish

  2. A Real Friend will always be there for you, share your happiness and your pain. I am sure that you have many good friends in your life, just hang on to them and forget the hangers on and users.
    Have a lovely weekend. Marjie x

  3. Yep, I guess you have to keep that guard up, but there really are some wonderful humans out and about, lots of them, really lots of them, are my friends...just like you!

  4. I've had similar experiences too. Good thing you've caught on though before it gets any worse.
    It does feel good to vent, I always do as you've probably noticed. lol

  5. It is a good thing to get this out in the open and get it taken care of.
    A true loyal friend is a treasure.

  6. Not all neighbors are good friends. Choose wisely.

  7. There isn't enough time for friends that really aren't

  8. I keep my guard up pretty good, too, because I just don't have the time or energy for people like that in my life. I'm seeing it more and more on the internet, too - old 'friends' wanting to connect through Facebook or other means, and they all really need help, so can anyone lend some money until they get back on their feet? Psh. It's a shame, because there are people who really DO need and deserve help, but it's hard to tell who is who.

  9. Some friends are just users,that I don't like that much thought If you are good friends No1 you don't wanted hurts your friends.
    Even a good friends it always respected each other between you and hers it is not good called the pet name.
    Hope you can sort it out you and hers problems.
    You have talk to Kassy about this.. she will understand for you:-)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  10. You and Kassy know exactly what to do. Shake 'er loose, girl!!!

  11. Shake loose hope you sort this swiftly and quickly.Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Sheila.

  12. You need to nip this in the bud before it gets harder to get free. You have your own life to lead and always ask yourself "would she put herself out for you" - - we think you'll know the answer to that.
    We all like to help people but not become doormats.

  13. Ah leeches are inevitable in life it seems but like you say the best thing is to cut them off and keep the lessons learned close. I'm about to walk and pray now...I'll remember you in my prayers my friend.

  14. Oh dear GG it is all very well saying " shake her loose " but if she lives next door to you that is easier said than done these kind of people just do not seem to get the message, I think you are just going to have a good talk to her and tell her that you need your space, and for god sake don't move in together
    I am very lucky i have my friends that i have been friends with for over 30 years and we are all still close and would help each other if needed but we all respect the fact that we do have our own lives and space we try to get together ones a year all together and have a girls night out we don't do the night club thing anymore like when we were younger we are happy to just go out for a meal and a yarn of course nowdays it is all about our grandkids as we are all in our 60's now but we love each other dearly and feel each others pain and laughter
    And we each of us know that we are there for each other if needed
    So yes cut her loose a bit but remember you may need her one day or she you
    Good luck my friend xxx

  15. Bad manners is her best quality.
    You've got it all right.


  16. I've had a similar experience...There are kind of people who try to use others. Please be careful and don't let these people take advantage of you.

  17. How annoying for you, It makes me feel happy that I don't make friends easily, having a typical Scottish reserve with strangers, but the friends I do have that have been nurtured over the years, I'd trust my life with, no let's rephrase that, my dog's life with.True friendship is Golden.
    Maybe if you tried borrowing from her, it might frighten her away especially if your persistent.

  18. I don't have much time to spend with friends, but when I do its with ones I have had for many years. There are so many people I have meant and wanted to get to know them more, but just have the time to socialize more to get to know them. End the end I think it is better to have just a couple good friends then a whole lot. I am so glad I don't have neighbors either. I always so worry of getting close with them then a problem arises and there they are right near by always. So I am a bit reserved about making new friends actually. But yes occasionally you run across a few that you need to cut the ties right off. Hope it all works out for you. Have a wonderful week.


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