Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nice Internet Sunday

My stick cut out at first this AM after connecting.
It turned white where it's normally green., I guess so
I'd leave it alone for the moment. Well they
must have been tweeking it as it turned back to it's
green color. I am so happy that it's back to itself
now, hopefully.
I just noticed it looks like I said the stick turned white.
When I click on the icon, the small page pops up where
your instructions are with Files,Tools,Help. In the middle
it says to connect or disconnect. Anyhow, I hope it con-
tinues to behave.


  1. I hope you stay connected too, those internet problems are a real pain!

  2. Man, nothing worse than internet problems when it comes to stuff that affects you strongly. I smiled when I read your remark to JennyD about being tickled by MY remark to her. You're from the South, so you understood the reference. No one else did. :-)

  3. Lol, yep, can't keep a good Southerner down, that's for sure, and we ALL understand each other just fine :D
    I agree about internet problems and we all go nuts when something makes us go offline and can't get back. It makes me wonder what we did BEFORE we had all these computers, LOL. I guess I can now call those "the olden days". Ok, go ahead and slap me.

  4. I hate it when the internet goes down. I hope yours continues to work.

  5. It was a good news let works for a long time:-)
    You are Southern? Carole's too. Not Yukee LOL!
    Why not people from Cicago or NY? to blogs in here?
    we had trench rains a last weekend,after that it seems enough water for this summer?
    But no needed to be floods everywhere in the farmers area.
    You will have a good night sleep tonight...
    Computer is working:-)

  6. Computer problems are so frustrating, I've often been tempted to toss mine out the dining room window. lol Glad you got yours sorted out.

    Thanks for checking back about Basil. He was kind of so-so yesterday, but sleeping peacefully in one of his beds on my desk in front of me. :) He's stretching and sighing contedly every now and again, so all seems well for now.
    He's been very nervous lately, very sound sensitive, those awful neighbours are stressing him out, I almost wish he were losing his hearing because of this, any unneccesary noise is stressful to him now. Makes me really resent the neighbours more knowing they are affecting my poor little Basil so much. His vet said to keep him stress free. *sigh*

  7. I've never used an internet stick before. Computer problems are so frustrating!

    Happy Monday!
    xo Catherine

  8. I know I get frustrated when the internet is acting up. After 10 min. I'm climbing the walls, lol. Hope everything is working okay now.

  9. we's glad you'ins is stayin' connected to the catworld!! *WAVIN' PAWS AT KASSEY!!!*

  10. Our computer has just told us we have the wrogd http for cat blogosphere - we haven't changed it and its been ok for over a year!! It suddenly put us back on to it!! Sonetimes you've got to just hate them!!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.