Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Jealous And Can't Help It....Kassey

June 07

I'm Jealous And Can't Help It.....Kassey

  I'm a jealous or maybe territorial cat and humans
 just have to accept it.
 I 'm unhappy when humans come to visit and stay 
too long. Mom always
knows when my time with her is taken by someone
else. I make my feelings
known as I crouch down in the living-room and
just look at them. My sis 
always knew that, but Bettye never did until yest-
erday. She asked Kassey
if she wanted her to go home. Mom couldn't confirm it
so she said, "Kassey,
Mom's not going anywhere with Bettye." I guess it's
embarrassing to Mom.
Well, that's just too bad.....PFSSST.

Mom had been doing laundry and had a stack of folded
shirts and I sat on
top of them. I knew she wouldn't like it , cuz she has
this thing about "cat ***t
germs"....well, I don't know what she's talking about.
Bettye had left and didn't
know this. She's a dog person and knows nothing 
about cats, but she's learning. She doesn't realize 
but she will be in training too, just like my Aunt M. 
So far today, it's just me and Mom and I'll stay off
her laundry as she removes them from the dryer.
I'll just take a much needed nap while she works.....
yawning already.
Blessings Always to my furriends, Kassey



  1. You know what? It's OK, you are really the special one and you'll need to work on realizing that. You are special!

  2. Kassey you are THE one in the household and EFFURRYone has to know that. You keep letting them know.

    The Admiral's Mom


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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