Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mom's Hairball

September 14
Mom's Hairball
Mom must have gotten into something when she took Bettye
to the Dr. Last week. It sometimes sounds like a hairball
she's trying to hack up... I wouldn't wish this on any human,
especially Mom. Her voice is different too. I show her much
love trying to help her. I heard her on the phone as she said
if she lived to see 'tomorrow' she was gonna get some good
stuff and make her some homemade cough syrup. It might
burn a little, she said, but she's tired of this as she has no
'vim, vigor or vitality'. Mom enjoys working around here and
with so much to be done...well, she's not through moving stuff
around... nuff about that. I must get her off her toy now cuz
I need her...much love to my feline furrends and show some
love to your humans .
Blessings Always, Kassey


  1. You tell Mommy that she needs to get something down her before her head starts hurting fronm all that coughing.

    Miss Catt..I mean... That Admiral and mom

  2. I hope the good homemade cough syrup does the trick for your Mom. Coughing like that makes her too tired to play with you. You take care of her and give her lots of TLC.

  3. We have all gone the rounds with a nasty bug in our house...may health quickly return to you my friend.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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