Monday, September 27, 2010

Falling Water With Flashes....Kassey

We had a nice thunderstorm before daylight.
We got up cuz we were sleeping by the window
and Mom says we shouldn't during a flashy storm.
She won't let me sit in the window either. She did
let me sit in the doorway for a few minutes and she
snapped my beauty with that flashy thingy.Maybe
she'll learn how to put my photos on here like my
It's cooler here now and this makes Mom happy
and I'm so glad I live inside.I'm a blessed kitty or
I'd be soaked from the falling water.
Effuryone have a blessed day....Kassey


  1. You are a blessed kitty to have a loving mommy who takes such good care of you. I wish I knew what was wrong with posting pictures. I know my mom wrote you,. I wonder if you could try Mozilla browser? (Firefox)

  2. We don't get to sit in the windows during flashy storms either!!!

  3. The loud booms that go along with the flashy storms scare us! Glad your mum keeps you safe. We hope you'll be able to get the picture posting sorted. We have not had any problems but do notice the download process is a little different.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  4. Glad you were safe. We have a metal daybed, and mama doesn't like lightning when we are on it at all. It isn't safe. Your mama is right.
    Blogspot changed their picture upgrade recently, and it even confused us. Hope someone can help you out so we can see your beautiful pictures.

  5. I use windows live writer and take the photos right from my computer. You can even download you theme from here if you use a stock on so you can see just what you blog will look like. Then just hit publish. Well it worked great till I started another new blog here and have had a few cliches but am trying to work it out. Anyway would love someday to see more of you here on the blogs. Now watch out for those thunder storms. Hugs Carrie

  6. HAHAH!! Oh that Kassey!! I'm sure she doesn't like those thunder-boomers!!!
    Cooler here today but now it's humid. Sheesh!!

    Git them pics goin'!!

  7. we hates boomies. but being inside is a wonderful thing

  8. We don't like the thunder storms with the flashes and booms. We snuggle with our mum until they're over.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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