Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not Much Going On

September 18
Nothing Much Going On
Sunshine everywhere 73 now , 90's later. We see a few
passersby looking for yard sales here, not many that I
can tell. Kassey couldn't care less either as she snoozes
by her TV on the recliner. I've been working on the kitchen
moving stuff around and she's missing out on it. She even let
me sleep in this morning, didn't bother me during the night. So
all must have been quite here or she would have walked across
the bed to get to her other TV.
I'll move the boxes from the couch so my girl can run, play and
hide from thunder and lightening and I'll make a place under the
bed for her as well. I'm only keeping the laptop boxes for mailing
anyhow, if needed. As my Saturday goes on, I've still work to do.
So guess I better get at it. Y'all have a Blessed Saturday and


  1. It has been thunderstorming here this morning. I am glad you and Kassey have sunshine today.

  2. Kassey...get UP, Girl. You have work to do...mama's to annoy!

  3. We haven't even hit forty-five here today and this is what I figure will turn to an early winter this year...ugh. Soon we'll be off to Africa and I will do my best not to complain about the heat! Have a great day my friend!

  4. Kassey's make sense having a relaxing time..
    I'd like to have as same as Kassey, I go to sleep joint with Kassey because in here still
    cold today.
    Enjoy your sunny day,

  5. Er... Kassey, er ... you have TV?
    We gotta demand one for ourselves too!!!!!!!

    Love, All 13 of US!

  6. hi, thank you for visiting my blog and your comments, I posted a reply for you and Joe on my blog, but as you may not read it and I pasting it on here. You dont know me very well, so guess you may not know I have been a practising christian for over 30 years, but having changed from church of england, to a free church, there are some differences, hence my confusion. "thank you both for your comments, I find it hard to accept the phrase without total immersion there is no salvation, I believe I am saved, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my saviour and lord over thirty years ago and I believe he accepted me. I have made a public declaration of faith I did so at my confirmation service in the late seventies, I meant the promises I made then and I still mean them now. However, because it does say in scripture "Be baptised " not be confirmed, I will undergo full immersion baptism in the near future at my present evangelical church, I believe this is what the Lord wants. I find it very hard to believe that He is saying I am not saved now and that I haven't been for the last 30 plus years since I gave my life to him. I appreciate we all have our own convictions and beliefs so thank you again for your comments


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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