Friday, September 24, 2010

November 22

Depressed Kassey

Usually I wear denim dresses, but lately I've been wearing 
white jersy knit loooong shirts. And now I'm wondering if this 
is the reason Kassey won't sleep in my room. She actually seems
depressed. Could the white be a reminder of her vet? It is time
for her shots, but she couldn't know that. LOL I should go back
to my denim dresses 'cause these white shirts may be causing her
to panic and I don't want a super nervious cat.Surprised Maybe there's
something to this quote about not wearing anything that panics a 
cat. She still wants me there with her when she eats. If I'm not
in her presence when she eats , she gobbles it whole and then 
vomits. I think she panics when I'm leaving 'cause she goes to
her food and it's a way to keep me home longer. She's very smart
and manipulative and sure knows how to get what she wants. 
First she'll come to the hall where I can see her and if that doesn't
work, she'll get on my printer, then if no response to her wishes,
she gets right between me and the monitor as in her pictures.
Knowing my place in this cat's world, I know that I better hop
to it. Cat faceLOL   Angel Blessings to you all, Ann  (copied from spaces)

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