Wednesday, September 29, 2010

August 02

Come On , Electrician, Git'er Done

      For awhile I smelled something that smelled like a hot wire.
     I discovered it in the hall where I had a night light, one of
    those that is light-sensitive. I pulled it out, 'cause when I
    walked past it, it would go out. I had no clue that the outlet
    was smoldering. It is OK for now. My ceiling fan in the 
    living-room has evidence of this. It looks like nicotine, but 
    nobody smokes inside. I do hope he does come today as pro-
    mised. Last week, we had an awful thunderstorm, with light-  
    ening that was so close, it sounded like it hit the complex. It
    knocked out someone's phone and I don't know what else. The
    plumber/ electrician man was here, but had to leave because 
    of the heat and the manager said he would return today.
    Not long after I moved here, I plugged my vacuum into this
    same plug and more than once, it knocked out my bedroom
    lights and plugs where my desktop, etc are. He rewired be-
    cause the amp or whatever wasn't right. I have fire insurance,
    but I prefer to stay right here. God has protected us thus far.
    For this I'm grateful.
    Be Blessed  and cool or warm for those in Winter, GGB

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