Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally Got'er Done

It has been awhile trying to copy the blogs
from spaces that I wanted to keep. I finally
got'er done and now I can relax. I don't know
if I'll do the WordPress or not. It's just so
alien right now. I picked the theme I wanted
but it doesn't show and I don't actually see
a blog page, not shocked at all. Maybe I'll
figure it out, not sure. Spaces can now close
mine if they want, couldn't care less.
Some of these copies will go to "Mom And Me,
Kassey".That'll be a job, trying not to duplicate.
My WordPress address :
blog page is ....    Greatgranny2008's blog
Ann L


  1. Oh it is too bad that you couldn't just export from spaces and import - I know that you can with blogspot to wordpress, but not sure about spaces (I have a spaces space that I haven't used in years). But it is good that you got the ones you wanted out - I wish I could help with the Wordpress not showinig the theme you want - I found Wordpress to frustrating, whcih is why I came to blogger (which is frustrating, just in different ways!)

  2. I don't like WordPress so I am bringing over the blogs to blogspot as you know.

  3. Yep, it sure is a tough decision, I'm thinking about leaving blogger but haven't made the move yet.

  4. I finally got my blog page, guess I had to jump through hoops first to get it set up.I just did it so maybe my photos would go somewhere. No need to worry, I guess, they are in my camera.

  5. You're text was so light in my reader I thought you were postless?

  6. I've been thinking of posting some of my WLS blogs on here, not sure what to do yet or maybe I should just start fresh. Decisions, decisions. lol I like the new background you've chosen. I'm hoping more people will come here, it's a bit quiet here at the moment. I like it here, I like what we can do with our blogs.

  7. Hu Greatgranny so pleased I found you love your new space here easy on the eye. I am starting a fresh here . As you say I like it here it seems a bit easier. Take care hugs Sheila


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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