Wednesday, September 29, 2010

August 16

LazyHazy Monday

                         Not much going on here in Dixie. Kassey's having
                       a snooze or just resting.I'm on my new HP waiting
                    for the elusive rain. We got a good shower Saturday and
                 Sunday with thunder and lightning.Saturday, my car windows were
               slightly open, but,it was so hot, it dried quickly.Friday, I got into the
             hall closet and rearranged crap.I never know when we'll have to use it in
            a storm. I just love prowling through my closets and it's about time to haul
           unneeded stuff that can be used by someone else.I have a hankering to bake
           my tea cakes in my new convection oven, which has only baked biscuits and toast
           and a 12"pizza, did a good job. It's lunch time, so I'll close for now and bid you
           all a blessed day or night wherever you are.
           Blessings Always, GGB                   copied from wl

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