Wednesday, September 29, 2010

August 10

Electrician Finally Got Here...etc.

                                       Kassey greeted the electrician and his helper.
                                       He isn't the one they used before when this
                                      plug went on the fritz. Anyhow, he fixed it and
                                      the breaker was replaced. He said the plug was
                                      black. We are truly blessed in not having a fire.

                                      Kassey had questions, as usual and the helper 
                                      held his hand out for her to smell, making her
                                      day I guess. She does love men, so I figure she
                                      was probably raised by one. Andy is supposed 
                                      to come by, so this will make her happy.

                                       It's hot and humid as usual, got a short, but
                                        nice shower yesterday. I had the pleasure
                                       finally to see a humming bird and a green 
                                        butterfly and they enjoyed my TN petunias.
                                         I also have some red wasps hunting water in
                                         my planter. Poor things, I'd give'em water,
                                        but they might take up residence on the front
                               last year.
                                         Enough blabbering and y'all stay cool or warm
                                        wherever you are.
                                        Blessings Always, GGB                                 

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