Friday, July 16, 2010

TN Son And I Are Friends

July 16

Tn Son And I Are Friends...Kassey

Mom went to Walmart to get a chicken and stuff for
Son's soup. His son, Kell helped him by peeling potatoes.
He removed all the skin and bones and after it was all
cooked , he gave me some liver. Mom was surprised when
I , like any cat,took it to the carpet to eat. I didn't have
another dish and didn't want to mix it with my dry food.
Mom didn't fuss though. I enjoyed it so much and maybe
I won't hiss at him again....maybe. I think I like Son. I
don't mind sharing Mom with him now.
Stay cool and be blessed. Your Friend, Kassey


  1. Oh Kassey, you have such a good mommy not to be fussed with you over where you took your liver to eat. You are right of course, and cat would have done the same. My sister who is passed away now, used to do the same thing. All of us do.

    Try extra hard to be nice to your mama's son. I need to take my own advice as I am so much a mommy's cat that I don
    t pay enough attention to her three human sons and since they are cat people, that hurts their feelings.

    But Kassey..musn't hiss. Saver that for when you are patrolling for mom in the deep dark night night times.

  2. My claws got stuck so I'm sorry for the typos.

  3. A little liver can win the hearts of many a cat. Years ago we had a very sick one who wouldn't eat anything but raw liver. Have a great week. Hugs Carrie


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.