Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday'sThoughts,Yesterdays,BlessingsAndDaysBefore, Part 1

When my Grand-Sons took the sectional out the door,
it took the glass door lock off, smooth as silk, just break-
ing the long screws. Well, we were so relieved that the glass
was intact, I especially. Anything broken, would cost me
$"s to replace. The maintenance man had to come yester-
day to change the AC filter. I just waited to show him the
lock instead of telling the manager. Now, this is just a-
nother example of God's handywork. He already had it
worked out for me. I'll explain. Filter man said he had
an extra lock in his shop here . He said that someone here
had a shattered front door and this is where my lock came
from. He asked them what happened and they said they
heard a 'pop' and saw the shattered glass. With all this
heat and the sun directly on that glass door, I can see
how this could happen. Bettye's front door gets that heat
and it's so hot to the touch. When he told me this, I said,
"God works in mysterious ways."

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  1. Oh man...what a great good thing to happen..you got it fixed and didn't have to go thru a lot of stuff.


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