Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nothing Important, Just Stuff

It's too hot for humans or pets to be outside.
It's the same old thing 90's and high index of
105 expected.And of course the wanted rain is
nowhere around here.The last time I went to
buy food, I felt the sun on my scalp, not a
good thing. I'll wear my cap next time, don't
know why I didn't that time.
I've been catching up on washing bed linens
and blankets, getting ready for my son and
Grands to return in about 2 weeks, looking
forward.I used my new Shark Steamer yesterday
and I loved it.I'd recommend it to anyone.I
got the one with the carpet attachment, have
not used it yet.
I can't get on my WL space. I was gonna blog
this and then copy to here.
Kassey just woke and is looking for something
to get my attention. So, I better get off and
tend to her. I know it's real important, lol.

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