Sunday, July 4, 2010


July 02-10
I cleared my bedroom out and vacuumed, and of course,
YOU KNOW WHO, questioned my every move. I think it may
worry her not understanding what's happening. This is a con-
cern for me not knowing what may have happened in her life
before we met. I explained to her that we weren't moving and
that I'm getting us a bed so we can sleep together.
I went to look at the bed with the manager here at her ex's
house. It is a nice used one, still in good shape. And it looks like
some I saw online with an 8" mattress. Just what I need. So I
bought it and it's supposed to be here this evening. It'll be nice
to sleep on a bed that doesn't sink and enfold
Andy/Family will be getting the sectional this week-end,
God-willing. It seems as though things are finally coming together.
The big TV will be moved to the opposite wall, making room for
my other sofa (Kassey's bed), tables and lamps.It'll be interesting
to see if she sleeps on it after it's moved.
Kassey's in the window watching for the Futon to be deliver-
ed....hey, it's here and I've gotta catch Kassey......

As Always Be Blessed, GGB

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