Thursday, July 22, 2010

Way Too Quite Today

July 22, 2010
Way Too Quite Today
Tn Son and children left for home yesterday afternoon.
There's always an emptiness when children leave. And
the quite is way too loud. Before they left, Son checked
out one air mattress that I thought didn't work. It's
the kind you have to charge a battery and attach. A
few years ago we tried after the battery had charged,
attached it...nothing. Anyhow, I'm happy to know that we
will have an extra bed when they return. He took the bad
ones home and said he could use the motors on them, don't
know how, but men just know these things.
The children start back to school in early Aug., forget the
day. Back in the day, it was after Labor Day.
I have to head to the kitchen cuz those dishes have to be
done. Oh yeah, my Kassey slept on my bed and it was such
an honor...LOL
Be blessed on this hot day, GGB

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