Monday, July 12, 2010

Mom's Frat .........Kassey - Windows Live

July 12

Mom's Frat .........Kassey

Yesterday, we got unexpected company from TN. Son
from TN came in with children in tow. They brought
milk and cereal and junk foods for the next day.
Mom took a roast out of the freezer and I might just
eat some of that. She said she had to go to buy some
potatoes and TN son's favorite green beans. They love
those things, but I'm sure I won't touch'em.
She has photos of the sleeping arrangements, real
different this time. I slept alone on her naked bed as
you'll see in the photo. She slept on the sofa in the
L-Room. I did not want to sleep in there. I DO NOT
like change. Son brought the mattress from our new bed
in there and Kellen and Devon slept on it. Kendra slept
on the recliner. Son slept in the 'junk' room on the new
memory foam.
I am now on my pillow just needing some R&R as you
humans say. Kellen came in and reached to pet me, but
I hissed and he left me alone.My long teeth look so
scary, I'm sure, but a cat's gotta do what a cat's
gotta do. Meow for and I are friends.
Blessings Always, Kassey

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  1. Kassey, you do need to cut him a break though if he only wants to pet. Think it over now.
    You had the whole bed to yourself. That sounds like us cats. We get the best choices.
    My NC son and grandson come over here to TN where I am and we have to arrange sleeping places but I sleep with mom anyway. Her bed is softer. =^..^=

    Miss Catt aka The Admiral


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.