Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast 2:45 AM..Saturday..Checking In.....The Cat....Kassey

I let Mom sleep until 2:45 AM this morning. I was hungry so
she stayed with me while I ate. She then went back to bed but I
laid down in front of the TV. This was 3:00 AM, getting close to time for the paper
man, so I have to keep watch, no need for me to go back to bed .Mom now leaves
the flashy box by the bed for yours truly.....Kassey


  1. Your Mom feeds you at 2:45 AM???

    That's it! Our Mommy is defective. Do you know where we can trade her in?

  2. Lol, well we can see where this is going to lead hahahahaha. Short and to the point, that's what I did for my Sam, too. Here it is, 6 yrs later and do you think he'll go to his dish by himself in the middle of the night if he's hungry? OH NOOOOOO he won't. I have to go with him, stand beside him while he begins the feast. Once he starts eating, I can leave, but not before. Oh, GG, don't follow in my footsteps, please, lol. And the tv? Took me a solid year to get them used to it being OFF. I swear, it's like perpetual 2 yr old kiddies. Yep, I see it comin' xoxoxo

  3. I have to stay with her and urge her to crunch her food, otherwise she'll gobble it down and puke. She has me so well trained. Until I caught on, I thought I had a sick cat.

  4. HA! We girls (and guys) know how to run our humans. HA! I have MY mommy jumping thru hoops!

  5. Sweet Kassey, did you get to see the paper man?
    It is nice that your mom let you have breakfast at 2:45!! I think I will keep sleeping and not notice if my kids ask for meal in the midnight.
    Well, since you are up in the midnight, I hope you will have a good, long nap during the day :-)

  6. Oh Kassey ~ I think you have some of Banjo's naughtiness in you. ;) But you're so cute, how could mom not forgive you for waking her up so early!
    xo Catherine

  7. wow you woke your Mom at 2:45am and she was nice enough to not only feed you but to STAY UP WITH YOU??!
    You have a SUPER NICE Mom! :)

  8. Hi Kassey,
    More I thinking of the cats are bad eating habit?
    Do you know sometime I had dog sitting (my younger son's dog)her name is Gypsy Labrador dog.
    Her meals times are three time in the day that all.
    maybe your cats are eating often no set times?

    You can have your naps anytime but not your mum?
    hope sometime you have slept in the morning...
    As human I guess your mum need to a good sleeps?
    specially in the winter time:-)

  9. Wow, 2.45 am. and no complain, You have the best mom : )

  10. Good morning Kassey. You've got a very good Mom getting up to feed you at 2:45 am. I get the munchies sometimes around that time too, it fact I just got up for my little snack at 3 am. There was a piece of pizza in the fridge with my name on it.

  11. Weeee Santa is flying through your blog :D
    I gave my Myst a treat yesterday morning and she expected it today again but I am not as nice a mom as you and I am definitely not letting her read this LOL!

  12. Kassey--You have done a very good job training that Mom. Good Kitty....

  13. This Kassey is such a beautiful baby. She so knows how to handle her mama!

  14. Oh Kassey, you are so smart and deserve all the attention you get!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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