Monday, December 13, 2010

Running Water And Open Doors.........Kassey

Last night Mom said it was gonna be really cold. I was worried
watching her let water run and opening  cabinet doors. She explained
to me why she was doing this strange thing. I crouched down in the
living-room, not knowing what to do or what to expect..I followed her
to the bedroom when she asked me to. I just went to get my goodnight
petting. Then I disappeared before she knew it and hid . She called me
but I stayed hidden. I stayed there until  time for me to watch for the
paper man. I started 'meowing' and pawing the window. Mom asked me
if the paper man was in the neighborhood and there he was. He threw it
on our walk instead of the neighbor's, another strange thing tonight. I did get
my usual snack and we went back to bed, in different rooms.
Effuryone , be Blessed.......Kassey


  1. Awww, poor baby, Kassey. Everything will be all right, you don't need to hide. You have your mommie right there protecting you. And you know what, Kassey? If you jump up on the bathroom sink and watch that little drip of water, I'll bet you can catch it with your paw. Now that's fun!
    Tonight, try cuddling up with mommie and see if that doesn't make you feel much, MUCH better :)
    XOXOXO and head butts from Sam & Lucy

  2. We Cats don't like change! Plus getting to explore open cupboards all night? We are SO there!

  3. Humans can be so confusing sometimes!

  4. I don't like change either Kassie. BUT maybe if mommy calls you, you'll go snuggle up warmly with her. Both of you can curl into warm snuggly furry balls of fluff.

  5. Tell mom that I left my cabinet doors open last night too. It is better than having frozen pipes.

  6. Mum has your best interests at heart Kassey , I know mum will keep you warm and safe. xxx

  7. Hope it warms up for you and your Mom Kassey. That's strange weather for where you are isn't it? Stay warm!

  8. I hope your hiding place was warm. I hear it's been very cold in your neck of the woods.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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