Saturday, December 18, 2010

Slide Guestbook

I can't believe I did it, but it was easy after awhile.
I was really pleased to see that I could put Kassey's
photo on it instead of mine. Now it will show up on
other guestbooks.
Thanks for any who sign it.
Kassey and Mom


  1. my pleasure to sign your guest book! I just did!

    Cat Chat

  2. And I forgot to tell you that I really like this photo of Kassey, too!
    Oh drat, my first comment is showing...uh...somewhere; where'd it go?
    Sheesh, it's been a long day and now that I've lost the first comment, I see I've lost my mind as well.

  3. GG, I was here a few minutes ago when you first put up the guest book slide. I KNOW I saw this great shot of Kassey and I added my own shot of Lucy & Sam. Now I'm back and I can't see that guest book slide at all or my first (not the one above) comment. Am I going crazy?

  4. I saw you Jenny and went straight to your blog. Thanks.

  5. Nooooo, GG. What I meant was, the first time I came over here, I could see the new guest book gadget you'd installed (and it had the great new pic of Kassey in it) and so I signed it as well. Then I came back and it was all gone, but Caren Gittleman said she'd signed it, too. The book was still gone. So I tried signing out and then came back again, but the guest book is still gone but your written post is here. Did you uninstall the book? I loved it :)

  6. Very nice guest book. I tried to sign it. I hope it shows up.

  7. I can't see Kassey Slide Guestbook? Don't tell me that only I have problem???

  8. This is strange, while you're typing a comment , the guestbook on the bottom isn't visible. The main one is on the upper right now.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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