Saturday, December 18, 2010

Update On Guestbook

Hello, All. If you just scroll without clicking on a post, the
Guestbook slide comes up.
Can anyone tell me how to place it higher on my blog?
It isn't really placed in a good spot.
Thanks to you who have already signed.


  1. HAHAHAHA, Now I've got 2 guestbook slides.

  2. Hey, GG, don't worry about not seeing the little vid on my page, it was just so nice of you to try and also to say you liked my Sam & Lucy :D
    The vid was about a family talking about how much money they'd need for Christmas, and then the kids in the other room writing down ALL the stuff they wanted. Then it cuts to a little girl walking back and forth with all these "parts" of things. The parents see her going back and forth and follow her to her room. She is trying to get something out from under the bed and can't reach it. The father gets down on the floor and uses something to grab it and bring it out. He sees what it is, but the viewer doesn't. He hands it to his little girl, she says thank you, and walks into another room. The whole family follows her to see what she's doing. The little girl has built a makeshift manger scene, and the little part from under the bed was the baby Jesus. She places the baby onto Mary's lap and the little girl's father bends down to hold his daughter. Very moving. Reminds us all of what Christmas is really about.

  3. I still remember that at WLS the people who had a guestbook is more colorful suits? and I never visit there,because I don'tknow how to transferred the beautiful photos to them.

  4. You need to get rid of one of your sidebars Granny and then make that right hand sidebar wider. Make the whole of the blog as wide as possible in the Template Designer so push the slider right over to 1000 pixels wide. Then just choose one sidebar of about 250 pixels width. See if the widget then fits in. If not, go to your Dashboard settings and place it at the top of your sidebar.

    Hope this helps

  5. I admit I had a hard time finding it but if those other two at the time found it, I knew I would too!

  6. TG, thank you for the instructions. I'm working on it.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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