Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Bossy Cat Last Night, etc.

Kassey slept all night, it seems. The paper man  must have been discontinued.
We are happy about that, so she can sleep undisturbed. Of course, now
I wonder why no 2:45 AM wake-ups. Well, I'm thinking maybe she was
cold and I didn't realize it. I really had it cranked up last night and she ob-
viously slept on her dog under the vent. Well, mystery solved, I guess.
Right now she's on her pillow waiting for an elusive sun puddle. I covered
her with her blankie as it is cooler by the window.

It's 30 F right now and an expected high of 35 F with freezing rain and snow
expected, good temps for it. I've seen none so far and I'm tempted to actually
go to Walmart and check some of the items I saw online to order. Sometimes
they are cheaper online and they will not give you the online price. Some are
not in the store either.

That's about it for now, so I'll work on the children's wish lists.


  1. I am glad you and Kassie got a good night's sleep!

  2. So being bossy is a BAD thing? Really?

  3. I bet that unbroken night of sleep was nice for a change! For me I never do well without it. I wear contacts and have a bad night really takes it's toll! We're at 31 right now so I think it will be warmer than they complaints here!

  4. I gave mommy a break too. It must have been our night to Leave Mommy Alone.

  5. Must have been something with the moon last night. My Sam & Lucy playing like crazy cats all day and then slept even harder than logs all night long. Yes, it was a good, good night :D
    Right now, Sam is in my bed and half under the covers, and Lucy is on top of my printer on a cabinet under the window with that little, tiny ray of sun on her back :D

  6. we just LOVES yer site's wintry background!! but we wishes the wintry background outside our window would GO AWAY. we are sure you feels the same!

    our mom sez she knows how your mom feels--she kept wakin' up at 3 ayem wonderin' what was missin' for a whole year after our bean-brother quit doin' it as a baby!

  7. I'd say a warm snooze is a happy snooze!

  8. I think it is good for both you and Kassey to have a good, undisturbed night :-)
    We have a cold rain tonight as well. Maybe my boys will come to bed and go under blanket. Stay warm and I hope you will have a good night sleep tonight!

  9. We like to keep you guessing...

  10. We think that if we sleep well our mum can too but if we feel like a game of chase she should join in too. Ha Ha !!

  11. That is great that she slept well - but honestly I have noticed that our cats have been more crazy lately, so I wonder if there is somee weather thing making everyone a big edgy - maybe that is going on there too! We hope that sleeping through the night continues!

  12. A good night's sleep is so refreshing, I went through a bad spell some time ago but heve been much better ..............till last night, a fox woke me at 1.30 am then Tango decided he wanted to be sick around 4 am a goo night is like a balm, fingers crossed tonight's the night, BTW it's been raining here most of the day, so if we do get snow it will just dissolve.

  13. I bet she feeling well too that after slept all night and you are 100% well to going to the shopping? hope you and Kassy have a good night sleep for every night:-)
    Enjoy shopping!

  14. Hey, GG! That was Sam in that photo. He's a Maine Coon and a rescue. ALL my animals over many many decades have been rescues. Yeah, he's a good lookin' boy and so is Kassey. Hmmm, matchmaking? Lol.
    As for the vid, first you take the vid, then upload it to youtube. When the upload finishes, it gives an "embed code". Minimize youtube then go to LiveWriter and write your blog. When you're ready to insert the vid, look to the top and you'll see "insert", click that and then choose video. A box will pop out and that's where you paste the embed code from youtube. Done. Not hard. Try it; you'll get hooked :D

  15. I agree! Weather that cold makes you want to sit and sip hot tea while ordering online. I did that a few years ago. Sweet!

  16. We now have over 2 feet of snow. When the sun comes out it is so beautiful. Just no time now for photos. Haveing a Christmas party in a few days I am getting ready for. I just hope all the snow doesn't keep everyone away. They may have to walk up our driveway as only 4 wheel drive makes it up now. Stay Warm both of you. Hugs Carrie

  17. That dog sure did come in handy I can just see Kassey curled up on it. Stay warm the two of you Hugs Sheilax


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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