Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Had to Jump Up As Planned.......Kassey

I slept for awhile with Mom last night and then went to my bed.
I am the watch cat, always on guard. Well about 4:00 this dark
morning while Mom was still asleep, I came in. I had to jump
up as mentioned last night. I slapped those blinds silly before
she knew I was in there. Do you think she raised them for me?
Oh no, she put me out and said she was not gonna put up with
that. As always, this hurt my feelings. It bothered her so she came
in my bedroom this morning and apologized and said she would
leave the blinds up for me. I guess Mom does love me and I love
here too.
We have to let the laptop cool, so we'll see y'all later, God-willing.


  1. Poor Kassey.... I'm sorry that Mom treats you so badly.... I hope that tonight she will leave the blinds up just a little so that you can GUARD... I know that you are just taking care of her --and want to keep all of the 'boogers" away from her... Good Luck!!!!!


  2. Aww Kassey, you have mom wrapped around your little paw.

  3. Kassey, it's your way or the HIGHWAY! Remind her of that! Miss Catt always tells ME that!

  4. Tell your mom that you need a window perch so you can more easily see out. And be sure to purr to let her know you appreciate the open blinds.

  5. You don't like closed the blinds that I can understand too that I hated close in my bed room.

    At reast you mummy understand that how you feeling about in your thought...
    Enjoy your day with your mum.

  6. I agree, how are you supposed to keep an eye on things with blinds down???

  7. With the blinds down,anything could be out there, and not seeing the ferocious watchcat...well it would be her OWN fault!

    Mom needs a laptop cooler! I love mine. Twenty bucks at Wal-Mart.

  8. We hate when our mom keeps the blinds down. We usually end up hanging out in the patio doors because of it! But we think it is good she decided to keep them up for you!!

    Our old laptop used to overheat a lot - mom wanted to use it in Lola's room sometimes so she set up a fan to blow on it while she worked - it seems to help a lot, if you don't mind the blowing (she doesn't love it but tolerates it because the computer works longer that way!)

  9. Sounds like the battle for the blinds went purr-fectly!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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