Friday, December 17, 2010

I Was Mean To Andy.....Kassey

Mom said it was Wednesday when Andy and Sheila came by
after her MRI. Mom had come in my room and told me they
were coming by. But I didn't move from my bed. I didn't care
but ,when I heard the front door open, I jumped down and went
to the living-room. I met them at the door and Andy swooped
me up and was loving on me against my will. I growled at him and
Mom told him not to let me put a bitey on him. He sat on the couch
holding me and then turned me loose. I showed my displeasure as I
hissed at him. I then sat in front of the TV and just looked at him. He
told Mom that he bet he could pick me up again. As he came towards
me, I took off running to the safety of Mom's bedroom..There are more
places to hide in there, like under the bed where no human can reach me.
Freezing water was falling from the sky so they didn't stay long. Next time,
I'll try to be good to Andy. I just needed a nap more than company. Mom
says I'm spoiled. Well maybe, but I am the cat.


  1. Show them who is boss Kassey! :-)

  2. I loved that last thought, "Well maybe, but I am the cat". How true is that! GG, that's the only way to be :D
    Cats, just like dogs, are not usually too fond of being grabbed up by a person they don't "know" very well -- as in knowing every day of their lives. So it's no surprise that Kassey wasn't pleased and it's just by luck that Andy, on the 2nd try, didn't get the swipe/bite/and growl of a lifetime. Andy should have known better. Actually, that was really very good of Kassey to take off to the bedroom and hide. I say high 5 to Kassey. She never asked for the swooping up :) Only thing is, she will remember Andy the next time she sees him and it might not be with vigorous fondness; well, he'll find out, lol :) Sorry, I'm always on the side of the cat. XOXOXO

  3. I kinda have to agree with JennyD. My other two boys who don't see Miss Catt often, are not "allowed" to pick her up. She has to get to know tham again.

  4. We mostly run and hide from they don't get a chance to swoop us. We only like the neighbor lady cuz she sits on the floor and lets us investamigate her. And she smells good!

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  6. Yes, it's always on the cat's terms whether they are picked up or not by visitors....or anyone else for that matter too. lol
    I know when someone comes over here, Mini will beat a hasty retreat, Sylvester will just keep snoozing in his bed. Elizabeth will get up and wander over if it's my Dad who's visiting. He always scoops her up but they have a good raport over the years and she expects it from him now. He just loves 'his' Elizabeth. lol

  7. One spelling mistake and I had to delete the whole comment, sorry, but there's no way I could find to delete the blank comment. :(


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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