Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cat Slobber, Animation Fun,etc.

It's colder than kraut and I'm sitting in my usual place by the window.
The clouds are moving around and I keep watching for a few flakes
through cat slobber.. That stuff is like glue and I haven't a clue how to
remove it. Pure vinegar won't .

The boss is on her pillow but no sunshine for her I think. She had her 
Fancy Feast for breakfast and headed for bed. I had my multi grain oat 
cereal for breakfast.

For lunch I had a bowl of pintos and onions over cornbread, while sitting
here at the PC. 

As I'm watching the undecided clouds roll by, I saw this pickup pull in
and it just sat there. This kind of thing is a worry as his windows were too
tinted to see him. We are all seniors here and can't be too careful. Of 
course, my webcam was watching him as he was no doubt  watching 
us and it was recording. My car was the only one here in our group of apart-
ments. I went to the living-room, peeped out and noticed that the storm radio
had been moved by Kassey, so I straightened it. When I got back to the PC,
the truck had left. He probably figured I was watching him. And my watch-cat
was asleep the whole time.

I so love these cute animations and I've gone hog wild adding what I could.
It's a nice cloudy Lord's Day. Y'all have a blessed one today/night.


  1. Are you sure it's Cat Spit on the window and not nose prints? I think the snot has magical adhesive properties! It IS hard to clean.

  2. I know what you mean about trying to wash that kitty goop off the windows, got plenty of that lovely stuff on our windows here. Windex and some paper towels works after going over it a couple or 3 times.

  3. I thought was easy to wash off?
    You might have tinted your windows by Kassy:-)
    Enjoy your day,

  4. Sounds like a great day at your house - I love the gray, cloudy days! You have made me so very hungry - I sure wish I could cook up a pot of beans like my mom makes. Not sure what her trick is, but they are so good. Though hard as she tried, she never could make me like cornbread. :)

  5. I love the animations too. Where did you find them? Love beans and cornbread!

  6. Cat slobber windows sound interesting. When our grandkids were a little younger we had a lot of baby slobber windows and mirrors around our house :-)

    Have a great SONDAY


  7. Yep, those strange things outside the house can be scary. Please be careful!

  8. Hi, Beth, click in the upper right corner here. It's easy to do too.

  9. My Snickers has a drippy nose, so she leaves lots for me to clean off the windows. It usually takes 2 or 3 applications of vinegar. Even then I notice missed spots later.
    I understand how someone where they don't belong can be a bit unsettling. Someone in a light colored pickup drove onto the farm a week ago. Drove super slowly, then turned around before getting to our house. It just seemed strange. But I realize he may have been looking for someone, then realized he was at the wrong place.
    You and Kassey take care.

  10. Banjo always seems to leave 'kitty boogies' on the bottom of my windows. But I don't mind! :)

    Love your winter animations ~ very fun!
    Happy Monday!
    xo Catherine

  11. No that I've got a day to breathe a little I may go find a window sill to sleep near myself...though I doubt there's any big enough for me....ahem...We are having a pleasant warm up this week which blesses me mightily however the sure thing a white Christmas seemed to be last week looks a lot more iffy this week. Bless you my friend.

  12. Girl...that settles it. pintos and onion tonight. That's that. i could make and may make cornbread!!! NUMMY! Us Southern girls know what's good. Right Kassey? I mean you and Miss Catt too.

  13. It took years before I sat in my cat bed, I have the big bed to share...


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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