Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thinking It Over Thursday....The Cat.....Kassey

 I won yet again. She had to raise the blinds high like before
as I reached up from the window sill and did my thing. She
thought I couldn't do this without falling, silly human. It got
her up at the appointed 'Cat Time', 4:30 AM, at which time,
I had a snack, with her by my side.
She put a new organizer under the window, but I don't like it. So she said she'd put
another one back like before. Still thinking it over...not happy. I'm going to my room
now coz I need my sunpuddle.

Everything is almost back like it should be, but I need sun right now.
Yours Truly, Kassey


  1. Nothing like a sunbeam to soothe the soul...

  2. Hi Kassey! We think you are doing a good job of getting things back to the way you like them! It is so frustrating when they get changed - sunpuddles are the best way to relax from that kind of stress!

  3. Hi Kassey,
    So glad you made your way then I am your Mommy friends LOL!
    I loved your photos all of them are so cute..
    you may know yourself :-)

  4. I agree with what someone else said....a little bit of sun makes everything soooo much better!

  5. We hope this saga is complete, no more fussing over the blinds. Kassey is the Winner, for sure. LOL

  6. LOL, I've been reading back a bunch of your entries, GG, and this was SO funny! I have been there with the blinds thing, and I hate to tell you, but Kassey is going to win hands down. If you don't give in and leave the blinds up for her, well, one day you'll walk in and find her hanging, claws first, from the blinds and they'll never get fixed. I must have replaced those blinds 5 times in 5 yrs. All I can say is Good Luck, lol. Winner and Champion? Kassey, of course. Besides, she's a livin' doll.
    Hey, not only was I catching up, but I was also going to tell you where and how to do the animations, but I see you figured it out. Good! It was easy, wasn't it! That new blogamation site is going to be more fun.

  7. How come you kitties like getting up so early?? Banjo likes to start 'staring' at me shortly after 4 am.... what's up with that? Oh you kitties are lucky we love you so much! :)

    Hope you enjoyed your sun!
    xo Catherine

  8. I woke up early this morning too Kassey and I am worn out. Try and let mom sleep a bit later tomorrow.

  9. Kassey, I want your hugs, head bonks and kitty kissies. Nose taps. You were so formal. "Sincerely". =^..^= Come here and lets play. I got a little sun today and I'll share my puddle with you.

    PEE ESS: I get my mommy up at 4 also.

  10. Kassey,you are going to gasp at this, but my kitten sleeps in her pet taxi at night, and I intend to keep it that way. I once heard of a wandering cat that accidentally started a fire in the kitchen climbing on stove knobs.

    Greatgranny. Thanks for stopping by my blog!Glencoe AL is close to Gadsden and Anniston.

  11. Hi Kassey I agree a bit of sun wouldn't go a amiss right now. I know you wouldn't get on but my little canary is also looking for the sun. Keep warm and well. xx

  12. Kassey, you are so in control. That poor mom of yours doesn't have a chance. ~Snickers and Precious~


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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