Friday, December 17, 2010

Now That Was Fast

I started ordering online yesterday and I shopped at Kmart for my
TN Grands for something their Dad said they've been wanting. As I
sat here at the PC, I looked out the window and by the color of his
clothes, I knew he was a UPS man. He was bending and stretching
while waiting for the driver to pick him up. As soon as the truck
reached him, he got a box and came running toward my apartment
in 36 F  temp.Kassey and I went to check if he actually came here.
Yes, there it was, from Kmart  the  3 Fushigi Balls, as seen on TV.
As much as I'd like to check them out, I'm not. It seems a box always
shrinks after I remove the contents.
Later...Blessings .....y'all stay safe and warm.


  1. OH! I KNOW those balls! (now, come on, you know how I meant that). I was watching the infomercial and I wanted those things something terrible. You have GOT to let me know if they are hard to learn and if they really do that gravity defying thingy. I can't wait to hear! Lol, I'm 63 and still wanting toys :D XOXOXO

  2. I know what you mean about boxes shrinking after the contents are removed. If I have to return something to the store I can never get all of the parts back in the box.

  3. Kassey said she would LOVE to have the box as her other apartment.

  4. You're sure right about boxes getting smaller if you dare to remove the contents!

  5. I ticked Kassey off as she was sniffing the box. I wanted to open it for her so she could really check it out. She just hopped down and went to her bed. Her fur ruffled when I told her I was sorry I did that. This is how I know when I've done the wrong thing.

  6. What are Fushigi balls, do pardon my ignorance
    I too ordered some stuff off the internet, nothing so exotic as Fushigi balls, just 4 books from Amazon, three of them have arrived I just hope the last does before Christmas, in case I forget I ordered it, but as its one of a trilogy, I mustn't. I hope your balls are all you hope them to be.

  7. Those Fushigi balls look fascinating. I want to play with them myself. lol


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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