Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Her Water Is Back On, Melting Snow

I ordered the Drinkwell Fountain today and an ample supply
of filters. I sure hope she likes it.. well she'll have to. They don't
give'em away..lol
I bought the filters with segments of 6 as it looked more dependable
than the solid filter. I checked with a store in another town close by
and they were more expensive. This online sale ends 12/31/10, if
anyone is interested.
The company name is Petco.com

The snow is slowly melting and I've still got a patch of ice on my walk.
Maybe the sun will be warmer tomorrow as the rain begins to move in.
My weather module says it'll rain Thursday. I wonder what the guesser
thinks it'll do that day. The last I heard, we may get T-Storms on the
weekend. Only God knows.
Y'all stay warm and safe.


  1. Supposed to be 60+ this weekend and I can hardly believe it. It was only today that I went out and cleaned the snow and ice off of my car.
    I'm dying to see how this little fountain works for you. Give it time, like at least a week. Keep the faucet off but the fountain running nearby. Once Kassey realizes that it is HERS, she will be entranced and lovin' it. Just takes time.

  2. We LOVE our drinkwell fountain! We like to play in the stream as well as sip from it, and Scouty drowns his mice in the bowl part.

  3. I am looking forward to warmer temps on Friday to melt some of this snow away.

  4. Woo Hoo !!!! Drinkwell Fountain is so fancy drinking. She will love it , I bet !

  5. Thunderstorms in December...that is a world I can't hardly fathom...unless I'm out of our country. It supposed to get pretty nasty here again which is pretty common. By the time spring rolls around we're beyond ready for it. Hope the fountain works well for ya!

  6. Oh How lovely a drinkwell Fountain smashing, thaw here rain arrived Monday Evening Eng/South West. Enjoy I hope that sun pops out soon. xx

  7. Suppose to get up there here too, and hoping it doesn't melt too fast as we live by a river and do not need flooding. I bet Kassey will love her new fountain. Enjoy Kassey!

  8. We hope that Kassey likes the fountain - we have a big drinkwell and love it. And hopefully that ice will melt soon - we are supposed to have warm weather here too - which hopefully means some of the snow will melt!

  9. Oh, you got the drinkwell fountain! My boy, Goro loves it so much that he not only drinks the water but also plays with it. I got it from local Petco store. I must check on-line, too!
    I hope Kassey will love it!!

  10. That fountain sounds interesting. Some kitties really like them. My human brother's kitty has had some urinary troubles and surgery, so he needs ample water, and always wanted to drink from the faucet. But now he uses a kitty fountain happily.

    Snow for Christmas in Tennessee, quite an event!

  11. we wanted to thank you for all of your care and love to me during my sickness. ♥♥

  12. Mommy got ME one too..to try and get me to drink. I said it was going to kill me. She took it up and she'll put it back when I feel 100% better. I'm the boss.

    Thank you so much for the prayers and purrs,both of you.

    Much love and Happy New year to you both.

  13. Just running by to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, GG!

  14. Hi, Kassey! Just wanted to say Happy New Year! I wish you and your mom a very happy, healthy, and wonderful 2011!

  15. What a lucky cat you are kassey, your very own drinking fountain, and when you think of these poor folk in Ireland who haven't got any water because the pipes burst.
    You take care of it and don't pee in it or anything\L|OL, Happy New Year to you and your Mum.

  16. Hi Miss Kassey and Mom! We hope you like your fountain - it got mixed reviews with 4 of us. We also hope you didn't get terrible weather and that all is good down in your part of the world. We're wishing you a happy 2011 full of good health, happiness, and peace.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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