Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cloudy Tuesday Shopping Day, No Sun Puddle....Kassey

It's a lazy day for Mom, but she said she had to shop a little
more for the G-Grands. She'll be all mine until Christmas
Day. This is when all the family come by and hand her these
things covered in pretty paper. Mom tries not to tear the pretty
paper but it all goes into a plastic bag anyhow and then it goes
in that big black can in the kitchen. Humans do the oddest things
and I'll never figure them out. But they are fun to watch as long as
they don't stay too long. Mom says I'm rude as I sit close by and
silently tell them it's time for alone time for me and her.
While she's shopping, I'll just lie in my cloudy spot by the window,
all covered by a blankie hoping to see Mr. Sun.. Maybe she'll bring
me a Christmas gift too cuz I've been very good protecting her.
Haf a good day effurryone.


  1. I hope you and mommy have a wonderful day too Kassie!

  2. Kassey, you sweetie, it's so obvious how much you love your mommie and how much she loves you. I'll bet you get extra lovin' from her when she gets home from shopping because she misses you when she's gone. Don't worry, though, Kassey, she'll always come back. XOXOXO

  3. We don't care for visitors much either, Kassey. They muck up our routine! Maybe if you get to play with some crinkled paper balls you'll feel more like socializing!

  4. I understand about visitors, Kassey. Whenever anyone comes here I hide under the bed until they leave. My 'sis' Snickers pesters visitors until our mom has to shut her into a room by herself. I just can't understand her fascination with a stranger. ~Precious

  5. I agree with Kassey! The best Christmas is one with close family and none of the insanity pre-Christmas if you as me!

  6. Now then that's the difference between you and Tango Kassey he loves visitors but he knows like you, that when they go he has me all to himself again Now Ruby, she gets quite worried with visitors so she can sympathise with your and asks can she share your cloudy spot and wait for Mr Sun? please?

  7. Deirdre bought Thing 1 and Thing 2 a reindeer cap (for Thing 1 to wear) and a Santa collar with bells (for Thing 2). And a catnip mouse.

    Where did you find the Dutch street signs in winter wallpaper? I like it!

  8. Miss Catt, aka the Admiral, aka ME, says that when family come, except mom's oldest boy, I go check out the newspapers and read awhile under the bed until they have quietened down.

  9. I am sure your Mom will get you something delightful!

  10. Mr Sun is still hiding here too...


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.

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