Friday, January 7, 2011

My Skunk TV.....Kassey

I stayed up late late night waiting for Mom to go to bed.
We usually turn in early but she was talking to my Aunt J.
Finally she said she had to go to bed about midnight, I listen
uh ...evesdrop.

Mom got in bed but I did my usual 'catwatch' in my window.
We saw a skunk lurking around and boy was I excited,
especially when he came close to the window. I jumped
down coz I thought he might just come through my TV.

Anyhow, I got on the bed with Mom to protect her from
that wild animal. This pleased Mom. I stayed for awhile on
that soft bed, but I finally went to my bed so I could sleep
in peace coz she moved and disturbed  my beauty rest.

Tonight she said she was gonna get off her toy early, but she
has to type my post first and then off to bed.
I'm still waiting and she said now she was finished.....So
Goodnight ,Effurryone.......Kassey


  1. I know another window watcher.My new kitten(about 15 weeks old now)Zoey, has discovered the WINDOW.During the day she watches trees move and cars go by. At night she watches bugs and tries to get them. She fell to the floor tonight.Have a great weekend!

  2. Kassey, what a good girl you are protecting mommy from that skunk. Thank goodness he didn't come thru your TV. That would have been terrible!

    Mommy said the stupid snow is here again. :-(


  3. Good Kassey for protecting mum , hope you got your beauty sleep and mum rested ok to. xx

  4. You are a wonderful guard Kassey. I know your Mom feels very secure with you watching out for her.

  5. Good thing you were on Skunk Duty, Kassey!

  6. Kassey, you are so sweet to protect mommy from the bad skunk!

  7. Skunks have some nerve don't they? I hear they don't have a natural homing instinct so they are always wandering. Good thing that skunk remained on the other side of the "tv"!

  8. Wow skunk? I've never seen otne, in person! I can tell you were so excited! You have a good TV :-) You are such a good girl to protect you mom. Hope you got your beautiful rest. Have a wonderful weekend, Kassey.

  9. Theese was excellent of you to guard your Mom like that. I'z never seen a skunk before...Your blog is looking beautiful, by the way.

  10. Kassey, I'll bet your eyes nearly popped out of your head seeing that skunk! Boinggggg! But you were brave -- you never allowed that creature to come through your TV and pounce on your mom. What a good girl you are!
    I'm sorry I'm so late in visiting you and GG, Kassey. I've been taking care of a friend and today is my only time to catch up, so I am very glad to see you and you know I'll be back.

  11. What surprised me was Kassey that you were bodyguard for your mum:-)

    So glad you are doing that have a good night sleep.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.