Thursday, January 6, 2011

Town Thursday, Busy Cat, ect.

I put Kassey's Oat grass in her bedroom, hoping for sun, while I went to look for some items I needed.
This is what I found when I got home. First I saw puke, no food, just grass. I've only seen a hairball once
as I recall. I guess her food has a remedy for that. She clipped it good and uprooted a bunch as seen in this

Arlene suggested I turn the fountain off to see if Kassey will use it. Sounds good to me. I did not find a
suitable ball to put in the water, as suggested by JennyD. I'll keep looking. I'm open to any other ideas
as this cat stumps her Mom.

I bought a mouse with a long wire to be used with a USB port on my HP laptop. It makes a big difference,
not as confining and I can move the page. I just never got the hang of this laptop mouse pad.

I bought a small jar of garlic, the flat one. It did not pop on opening even though it had paper around the top.
I'm afraid to use it, so back it goes tomorrow. I was going to put it in my hamburger meat, so I put dried onions and oats in it instead.....good 'non-dash' diet.  lol

That was our Thursday and I'm always thankful to see another one.
Be Blessed


  1. Oh MY! My mommy bought ME some cat grass just today. Of course, I saw it by the window right away and investimagated. After investimigating, I decided I would take it under advisement and get back with it.

    I did and had a few pieces, I wondered if it would make me yak! If it made YOU yak, Kassey, mommy might as well get ready.

  2. Well, WE had cat grass.
    But ..
    Well, well, well - 12 of us, one box of miserable little cat grass ...

    Imagine away...

  3. Mmm ... cat grass is super fun, or so the cat kids here say. But it does sometimes make them puke, which they don't mind that much, but Mom does.

    IF the idea is to get Kassey to drink more, Mom says to sprinkle a little bit of catnip on top of the water. Cat kids just can't resist nip water!

  4. The cat grass is for play with or to eat?
    I never heard about the cat grass before....

  5. Hope this does the trick Kassey go easy though xx

  6. Goodness! I think I learned gardening from Kassey! That's about what would happen with anything I plant without my wife helping me out!

  7. Reminds me of my Max years ago. The oat grass needed to grow so he could eat it, but he never gave it a chance. No matter where I put it he found it and made it pretty much look like Kassey's. For Snickers I just pull grass stems and bring inside. And, yes, she pukes nearly every time...don't know why. Oh, what we do for our fur babies!

  8. She found it on the counter and I thought it was too cluttered but she got to it. So, it's now above the hot water heater, hope it's safe.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.