Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pleeese , Mom..... Privacy..............Kassey

Mom I know you worry when I hide from you, but some-
times I need my own space. OK, you found me with the
Webcam, hiding under the bed. And like a good girl, I
came out when you told me too. And you followed me to my bedroom with that pesty flashy box.
Mom, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you're doing me like our pesty neighbor still does. Well, Mom I do understand how you feel. And I love you so I will go to your bedroom and get in my new cube.
I can watch the birdies with you until I get sleepy. OK, Mom?  Your loving companion, Kassey


  1. Kassey, you are so sweet and so accommodating. Sometimes we get really perturbed seeing that awful flashy box coming after us and we split up and hide in 2 different places. It drives Mom crazy, hehehe. That's the point ;)

  2. You are being very nice to mom and she appreciates it very much!

  3. Kassey, I sure know what you're going thru!!!

  4. It seems you never get used to the flashy box
    and sometime you don't feel like pose for mum
    that I understand Kassey...
    Never mind your mum's love you very much:-)

  5. Oh Kassey, sounds like your mom never leaves you alone! Yes, privacy please :-)
    But how sweet you are, you love and care for your mom so much. I love your photo in your cube :-)

  6. What good kitty you are. You and Mom are lucky to have each other.

  7. But Kassey you do take a lovely photo you are so cute xx

  8. How cute is that little cosy cube, I'm sure if you left it long enough you'd find another kitty has occupied your space, and you'd have a hard job getting it out. I know Tango or Ruby would love it. Just shut your eyes and stick out your tongue when the flashy thing comes after you. But don't say I told you to.

  9. Oh Miss Kassey, I totally understand. My mom thought that the reason I stayed in her bedroom almost all day was to stay away from my brothers who were mean to me. But even though they are both gone, I still like it up there. I just need my Fuzzy time, that's all! I still see her lots, so she just has to deal with it!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  10. My kitten,Zoey,is finally learning that the ole flashy thing is not going to hurt her. i think she actually poses now!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.