Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunny Miffed Friday......Kassey

Mom keeps telling me to come see the birdies, but I
need sunpuddles more. What's one more juicy birdie
that an inside cat can't enjoy ? It's torture, I tell you.
Here I am and Mom keeps disturbing me while she works. She's on a working frenzy again and putting
things in my room. I think she has cabin fever or Spring fever and feels the need to move stuff around.
So , I just flap my tail , showing my discontent, effurry time she comes in.

And last night , she would not get up when I needed a snack. She just told me to go to bed and get up
there in my cube. I defied her and left the room. The furry idea of her not feeding a hungry cat...pfffst.
Well, I'm gonna stay right here. And I hope all you furriends are in sunpuddles today.

Yours truly, Kassey


  1. A sun puddle that actually has some warmth? I sure wish I had one of those!

  2. You ARE in a bad mood..just like me! (Oh, this is the Admiral..mommy logged into her blog and forgot to change over to mine.)

  3. There is nothing like warm sunshine. Just enjoy your sun puddle.

  4. Kassey, Nothing wrong with Sun Worship. Enjoy !!!!

  5. Kassey, you tell'em, that's what you're fur! We know that sunpuddles take first place. I mean, we like those birdies bbq'd in the sun! Gourmet kitties we are ;)

  6. oh I know the swish of a discontented tail too well!! you just stay there and make your Mom clean AROUND you! xoxo

  7. Hi, Kassey! That puddle looks pretty good to me. I'd love to join you and take a quick nap right there in the rays. Now that's the way to spend a day :D

  8. Kassey enjoy the sun and tell your mum to joying me:-)

  9. Ahh thats better Kassey you look so warm and cosy xx

  10. Hi Kassey! Did you enjoy a lot of sun puddling?
    My boys love to watch birdie but they are inside kitties as well. Sometimes it must be frustrating for them not to be able to reach the birdie. So I have a lot of chicken treat stocked for them. Maybe you can ask your mom more treat, too :-) Or of course, you can always flap your tail and show dissatisfaction!

  11. Oh dear your mum is bugging you.. I think she should join you in that sunshine.. Hugs GJ xx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.