Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cramped Quarters......Kassey

New, bigger cube later, we hope ,as this one
is way too small for yours truly.
No room to groom, but I wanted to be with Mom in the Living-room last night before
bedtime. No privacy here as she keeps clicking the flashy box.

My tiny tree is still out as you see in the background. She will stuff it back in the tiny box when the mood strikes her.
Oh well, another day perhaps.


  1. Kassey, you are too adorable for words. I need to go get Sam & Lucy so they can see you. They'll be here in 2 shakes. XOXOXO

  2. Heyyy, Kassey! It's me, Lucy! And Sam is right here, too. We are looking at your new cube and dying of envy over here. How nice it looks! And how happy you look in it, too :D
    We told Mom last week that we wanted one of those pop out cubes to play in. We whined and carried on forever until she went to look for one. She went to 3 stores, all which said they had them, and NONE had them. She gave up. The next day, there was an ad in the paper showing OUR cube on sale. You know where it was? Right next door to the last store she went to. Now she says she'll get it when she gets it. Hrumphhh.
    Sam is pawing me and at the monitor now. He says we want one like yours now, too -- 2 of 'em.
    Nose kisses and head bonks from us to you :D

  3. Miss Kassey, we think that cube is a great size if you just want to relax, but perhaps it is too small for grooming. We hope you have a great day!!

  4. You really do need a bigger cube Kassey. Better remind mom again. :-)

  5. My goodness...what a perfect use of the space you had!

  6. Kassey, my cube is like that. Mine has fishies on it though and my Uncle gave me that red pop up one..I can groom in both. I weight 9 pounds 2 oz. Kassey, did your mommy get you some {arty Mix?

  7. Your cube is very cozy, Kassey. We like the butterfly print. We hope you can enjoy some nice naps in it even if you don't have much room to groom!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  8. I love your butterfly print on your cube : ) It look so pretty and so suit you, Kassey ! You might feel it's too small but I think that look so good for SNOOZE !


  9. Hi Kassey. I love your cube but obviously you don't. LOL. True, looks like there is no room for grooming...but it can be a nice cozy napping place, maybe :-) That flashy box must be annoying for you....I know because my boys complain about the box all the time!

  10. Haha ~ well you still look cute as ever even if it is a tight fit! :)
    xo Catherine

  11. I love that we have the same type of cube though.

  12. Love the cube mum may buy you a bigger one xx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.