Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Working on Mom's Soft Side.........Kassey

This Morning, I thought Mom might give in and turn my water back on. I loved on her
trying to show my love for her, but she told me I had to drink from the fountain. She
checked  it and she could tell I had used it so she added some cold filtered water from the
big box in the kitchen.
She is also growing me some Oat Grass in a separate container, not in the water like
she saw on the Petco website. It got bad reviews so she got this at Walmart. I hope I
like it. Do any of you kitties eat this stuff and is it good?
It's sunny and I'm in my sun puddle while Mom types for me. I hope all you have a
bright sunny puddle too.
Blessings Efurryone including your humans......Kassey


  1. We LOVE oat grass! Sometimes it comes back up...but mostly it stays down and clears out the furz in our tummies.

  2. Oh gosh, I looked at this shot of her and almost gave in and turned on the water ;) Talk about a pose that says "PLEASE!" Whew, I'm a soft touch.
    The grass: I know a number of people that use that and their cats love it, BUT...and this might be important to know, sometimes, just like if they were eating grass outside, it makes them hack up hairballs or even food, so you might be on the lookout for that. It's supposed to be a good greens source but I sometimes mince a little green beans or carrots into Sam & Lucy's food. Sometimes they gobble it up and other times they shove it to the side. It's a cat's world :)

  3. I like the oat grass too, but we don't get it too often for some reason!

  4. I always felt bad cuz Kassey doesn't get to eat grass outside so I hope this does help her. She's always puking when she gobbles her food whole, but I'll watch for the greens now. Thanks, Jenny D.
    Thank you all for your input.....GGB

  5. I hope your oat grass is yummy Kassey. Water is good where ever you can get it from, and there is nothing like the Sun.

  6. Rats, Kassey, we're sorry you don't like your fountain. We've never tried any cat grass, though our mom has been thinking about getting us some. Enjoy your sun!

  7. Any grass will do ! because I'm not sure I know " Oat Grass " But I do love grass in my garden. It help me eat more !!!!

  8. Jenny D, I put down a bowl of water next to Kassey's fountain like you suggested. She's still holding out as far as I can tell. She has a bowl in the kitchen as well, so she won't be without.

  9. Ok, now take out most of the water out of the bowl and let the fountain keep flowing. She will try to lick the remainder of the water out of the bowl but more than likely switch over to the fountain when she can't get enough out of the bowl. Sort of a psychological ploy but worth the try for a couple days. Keep the water in the kitchen bowl very low as well but only for a couple of days to see if it works. Let us know. (I'm trying to think like a cat)

  10. Your Mommy tried very hard for you to what is best for you and even growing grass...
    that is very good for people who has probleams the Cholesterol which I have and I used OAT Flakes for my brakefast.
    I didn't know the cats eat grass? it must be American Cats LOL!

  11. I'd just not give her any water till she gets so thirsty she ain't got no choice, but then I'm a dog person. |LOL I expect you've tried just putting water in the tray thing without the fountain going, or a little dish on top. but I expect you have, what a silly suggestion Arlene.

  12. Arlene, that's a good idea, haven't thought about it. Thanks

  13. Hope you like it Kassey and hope it does ythe trick. xxx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.