Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Soggy, Cold Wednesday,etc.

It's a cold rain, 39 F and my girl is napping. I've been doing laundry
and watching Kassey's grass  As the sun hides, I've turned
a lamp on the Oat grass and it seems to have shot up since this morning.
The lamp is one of those that is like sunlight, can't recall what you call 'em.

I haven't seen Kassey using her fountain again. Yesterday, she did drink from the bowl like
she was dry as a bone, hard-headed cat. This photo is this AM.

I went barreling down the hall to the laundry nook and she ran across the hall, from her bathroom like
she was guilty of something. I hope she was using her fountain.

The Oat Grass is growing like a weed, so maybe she won't have to wait long.
I had my bamboo there for awhile, but thought I might kill it with kindness, so back to
the kitchen it went.
Having Great Northern Beans for a change, maybe baked Potato, no bread. My new DR.
put me on the DASH diet, yippee. It's no problem if I can avoid sweets and bread. ha, drudgery.
Gonna try to visit today, get caught up. Y'all stay safe, dry and warm or cool wherever you are.
Be Blessed, GGB


  1. Grow Light. lol. They really work!
    I got to thinking about Kassey late last night again and I have another thing for you to try. I was thinking that maybe she's a bit afraid of the fountain (who knows what might go thru their minds) so if you have a little ball, like a ping pong ball, that doesn't sink, you could try putting that into the water and see if she will bat it with her paw. That would show her that the fountain and the water are not out to "murder her" as Carole's Miss Admiral thinks. Lol, wouldn't you love to be a cat for a day? I sure would :D XOXOXO

  2. Kassey, do drink from the fountain to please mommy. She got it for you.

  3. I hope Kassey will find the water from fountain is fresh and drink from there. I though she will love it but not interested yet.... It reminds me of one of my boy with cat bed. I bought it thinking he will love it but he never uses it.
    DASH diet sounds hard, at least for me. I love bread and sweets. I hope you are ok without them!

  4. I just wondering the fountain make a noise?
    that maybe cause for kassey to put her off yo used it?
    I can do without sweets that no probleams:-)
    looking for to hear more about what the doctor's
    told you....

  5. is there room to have Kassey's fountain by the sink? Maybe close to her 'old' fountain (mol!) will help.

    We think the grass is looking nom-ilicious!
    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  6. Cara n Crew,I tried it, but I think she might knock it off, not enough room.

  7. JennyD, that is an excellent suggestion. I will put that on my shopping list for a laptop mouse.I need a mouse and Kassey will get a

  8. I love JennyD's idea too.
    How about the little fish in there : ).....hee...hee...hee I'm kidding : )


  9. I think I've killed many a plant with kindness...not sure though...I think that the lines blur between kindness and least it does with my attempts at gardening! I keep watching and waiting for the picture showing you won the battle of the bowl with Kassey...I'm not holding my breath though.

  10. Haha ~ I love the the first photo! Banjo has an electric fountain too. He won't drink water out of a bowl. Spoiled kitty. ;)

    xo Catherine

  11. Kassey darling..I know I should not say it but I'm skeert of MY Drinkwell too.

  12. Lokks interesting hope Kassey is drinking from the fountain little tinker xx

  13. Sure hope Kassey decides to like her fountain. You have me thinking of one for my girls. Perhaps they wouldn't splash their water so much if it was already moving. Their bowl is set into another bowl that is set on a boot tray. Only way I manage not to have water all over the floor.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.