Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crocked Beans Tuesday

Yesterday, I finished my Red Beans with a leftover Pancake crumbled in,
with a small nuked potato on the side.
I discovered the good concoction with the Pancakes and Fried Cornbread
I put on a tray together. When I reached for a cornbread patty, I got the pan-
cake instead.. I sometimes add sugar to beans and usually Olive Oil after they
are done. So the sweetness was welcome.

Last night I put Great Northern Beans and Pintos into the crock pot. These
beans will last several days. And I thought maybe I should start using this again
to save on the light bill, just got a bigun this month..

This rainy morning, I just had beans for breakfast and again for lunch, no corn-
bread or pancakes, just yummy beans. I keep thinking about that pecan pie in
the freezer thats missing some slices. Well, I have had a lotta fiber already...

Kassey will probably talk later. Until then, everyone, Blessings Always.


  1. Whew, thank goodness that was you, GG. We thought our friend, Kassey was now so chocked full of beans that we were going to have to wear masks!
    Uh oh, 'scuse us...maybe humanoids get like that, too. Opps.
    Still, we send our GG a big headbonk...then we run.

  2. Wow GG with all those beans you can make your own electricity...ha ha ....i bet Kassey is keeping out of the way

  3. I could go for a big ol' bowl of pinto beans for dinner!

  4. I had to laugh at Lo's comment!! Mommy laughed too. Me, I just shook with inside laughter, mommy laughed all the way out loud.
    We Southern women like our beans! I do too. I'm happy with a bowl of beans and onions..if they are pintos, and a hunk of bread.

  5. Bean always smell so good when they are cooking! Nope, I don't get any of them though.

  6. I crept in with little cat feet since Sam & Lucy warned me. Just kidding, GG ;)
    I'll bet those beans were some-kinda-good, as we say in the South.
    Darn, now I'm hungry.

  7. I loved the red beans and nay kinds of beans:-)
    Do you know soyer beans are very good for your health:-)
    Does kassey eat beans too??

  8. Sounds very interesting Greatgranny glad you enjoyed them so much, pecan pie yummy. xx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.